Top 10 Reasons Why Desktops Are Better Than Laptops

Over the past few years, many laptops have overtaken the market. There are many operating systems as well to choose from and different features that people really enjoy. However, why do manufacturers still continue to produce desktop computers? This is because desktops are still, and always will be, better than laptops. Here are the reasons why.

10. Affordability.

Desktops nowadays are less than half of the price of some laptops. Why would you spend on something so expensive that can be destroyed easily when you can spend on something more durable for a lower price?

9. Easier to upgrade.

Desktops are definitely easier to upgrade. You can invest small on a computer then slowly upgrade it to something really fast and cool in the future. You can do it bit by bit and you don’t need to do it one time, big time like what other users do with laptops.

8. Connectivity.

One motherboard has more than all the ports you need as compared to a very huge 19 inch laptop. It only looks like laptops get the upper hand because of the wireless capability but mind that there are wireless cards being sold for desktops as well. So this should not be an issue at all.

7. Performance.

The reason why laptops are slower than desktops is because hardware developers create different CPUs and GPUs for them so that the battery does not drain that fast. Desktops perform faster because their processors are high performing and they have advanced cooling technologies.

6. Easier to Maintain.

We are talking about internal hardware maintenance here. Laptops have delicate components and are very difficult to open and tinker with. Desktops on the other hand are very easy to open and parts may be upgraded separately.

5. Huge Monitors.

You have to admit, having a large monitor is indeed very helpful when it comes to work and entertainment. It is easier to accomplish tasks with a wide monitor as compared to small ones.

4. Real Computer Gaming.

Gamers know this for sure. Real computer gaming happens on a desktop. A laptop is good for a few hours before it heats up and before the games start to lag and you get disconnected and you are the immediate loser of the game. For hard core gaming, laptops are still the best.

Desktops Are Better Than Laptops

Reasons Why Desktops Are Better Than Laptops

3. Repairs are less expensive.

A simple laptop cleaning would cost you over a hundred dollars or so. While having your desktop fixed is a lot less expensive because it is easier to open and play around with. Errors are easily found on desktops as well as compared to laptops because of the simple and the huge structure of the CPU.

2. Best for Creative Software.

Many web designers and other creative freelancers choose desktops as their workplace because programs like Adobe Premiere are easier to use in a big screen. In addition to this, they are able to connect joy sticks and writing pads on desktops.

1. Desktops have a longer life.

Desktops are not portable at all. This may be a drawback for some but it should be looked upon as an advantage. Because you don’t get to bring it anywhere, it is less likely to be destroyed. It stays in one safe corner in your home.

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