Top 10 Disadvantages Of Using A Computer

The 20th century witnessed the peak use of computers in daily life. The intervention of this wonder machine introduced a strong bond in the history of civilization. The inventor of first freely programmable computer never imagined that this interesting machine will spread this much space in human’s mind. Among too many aspects of advantages, there are also disadvantages. Here are the top ten disadvantages of using the computer to look out.

10. Reduce one’s outlook

A massive use of computers helps to gain knowledge available in the computer frame. But this leads to less participation in real life activities, which makes a man artificial minded. The life of the person is held in a string of world, a string leading between real and unreal.

9. The addictive syndrome

Addiction forwards a man towards resignation from their own thoughts and action. On the first page of history, a man was known as a powerful creature and now he is a slave of an automated machine.

8. Laziness

Sitting several hours in front of a computer implies a man’s laziness. Man’s self respect will be hampered by this laziness. Laziness stops a man’s realization and understanding their intrinsic skills. Proper body functioning is also hampered by laziness.

7. Effect on health

An unhealthy person is always considered to be a step behind from a healthy person. Long time computer usage affects one’s nervous system, which also hampers the proper functioning of the brain. Though the use of a computer is necessary, but the emission of rays from computer leads to various strain disorders. So, effect on health is considered serious among the top ten disadvantages of using computer.

6. Sensitive reason to unproductive activities

A computer is a vast source of information. It also provides games and chat facility for recreation. But spending the whole day in front of computer by availing this recreation facility is nothing constructive. Everyone needs a successful and productive output of individuals.

5. Tampering creativity

The copy – paste method is followed by most of the people to do their assignments, projects and similar tasks. These will definitely hamper the creativity. Computers prevented our extension of thought by providing all required information at ease. God gives some creative capacity to everyone at the time of birth. Proper creativity channelizing makes a man successful in every aspect.

4. Prey to different crimes

This funny automatic machine sometimes forwards a man to some restricted entry places. This also gives the privileges to do spamming, hacking, malware introduction; which are the offenses punishable under the law.

Disadvantage of Using A Computer

3. Effect on education

Every nation completes its development when their youths join with the seniors. A youth will be developed in all ways when he will get a complete education. The animation for games, chat session form friends attracts them more in the computer rather than study. Thus, they hamper their basic need of becoming a successful man.

2. Strain to the eye

Excessive use of computer creates a strain on human eyes which may cause a permanent damage in the human’s eye. For this reason, the doctors prescribed not to use computers for a long period and thus it is also considered vital among the top ten disadvantages of using computer.

1. Impact on social life

Man is a social animal and their social characters will develop when they interact with each other and share their thoughts or beliefs with each other. Computers can fill a man with knowledge, but it is considered good for nothing, when a proper idea is not placed in the proper situation.



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