Top 10 Best iOS 6 New Features

Apple has recently launched its new operating system which is called as the iOS 6. This operating system is being launched along with the launch of most awaited upcoming phone iPhone 5. But the most important thing is that this operating system is also available to other iOS users and they can simply update their operating system to experience the all new and advance features of iOS 6. The iOS 6 has been updated into number of ways and a handsome amount of new applications and feature has been added, which is why iOS 6 is surely going to a better and efficient operating system than the iOS 5, which was used prior to its release. Here are the top 10 best features of iOS 6.

10. Do Not Disturb

This is one of the important features added in iOS 6. With the help of “Do Not Disturb” feature, you can silence all the calls and notifications and you will not be disturbed any further. But the interesting thing is that while enabling “Do Not Disturb”, you have the option to allow calls and notifications of some favorite contacts or to block all of them. And the most important is if anyone calls you for a second time within three minutes the system will allow that call, which is a good thing as if in case someone calls in emergency and “Do Not Disturb” is enabled.

9. VIP Inbox

VIP inbox is another important feature in iOS 6. You now have the option to tag the contact you like as your VIP contact. You can assign any contact as your favorite contact and later on can also remove it from VIP list. VIP inbox is an important feature that allow you to separately access all your mails that are been received by the contacts you have assigned as the VIP ones. Each time when you receive mails or messages from your VIP contacts you will be notified and you can easily access them in the VIP Inbox.

8. Politely decline phone calls

With the newly launched iOS 6, you now have the option to graciously decline call from any contact you don’t wish to talk to right then. As soon as you decline an incoming call, the phone will send them a message. Moreover a remainder will also be automatically set and that will remind you to call back. When you will receive call then you will see a new icon which was not there previously and once you click on it you will be asked to either send a message or to set a remainder.

7. A Social Photo Stream

Just like all the social networking sites where you share your photos and your friend like or comment on it, the new iOS 6 has the feature to share photos with the contacts that you have through the photo stream option. You and all your friends with whom you have shared the photo can like and comment on it. When anyone will like or comment on your photo, you will be updated by a notification. It also has options to directly share your photos on Facebook and Twitter.

6. Passbook

Passbook is another important application that has been added in iOS 6. With the help of passbook you can easily manage all your coupons, movie tickets, bar-codes, travel tickets, boarding passes and all other files that you used to find difficult to manage. All these will be stored at a separate place called as a passbook. Whenever you are in a need to access any of them, just go to passbook and you will find your files there.  Most important of all is that your file will appear as a notification to remind you of its time to be used so that you don’t forget.

5. Panorama

The amazing Panorama mode has been added to the camera in iOS 6 and that is simply an amazing feature. At once you can simply take a snap up to 240 degree. The panorama mode is compatible with both iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S and also with iPod touch which are of fifth generation. You can enable this feature in the setting options of the camera and can enjoy taking photos with a span of 240 degree. That’s something new and never been introduced in any of the smartphones that are available in the market today.

4. 3G FaceTime

Earlier the Apple users were using FaceTime feature only on the Wi-Fi but now with the launch of iOS 6, they can use this much used feature over the cellular data. You can now use the 3G or the 4G network whichever is available in your area to use this amazing feature. You don’t have to rely anymore on Wi-Fi for using FaceTime. If you enable the “Use Mobile Data” option in the FaceTime setting then the availability of this application will entirely depend upon the cellular data that you use and you can easily access it.

3. Facebook Integration

Twitter was integrated with the apple operating system with the launch of iOS 5. Since then there was a huge demand to integrate Facebook in the iOS and that demand has been readily accepted and so the Facebook is now been officially part of iOS 6. You can now easily update your status or can share anything you wish to just by just tapping on Facebook share button. Moreover you can also use integrate Siri to carry out your works on Facebook. Just talk to Siri and ask it to update your status and that will be done. For this start Siri and then speak “Post to Facebook”. Everything else that you speak after it will be posted on your wall. Facebook options now can be accessed very easily.

2. Smarter Siri

This is one of the features that have been updated the most with this new operating system of Apple. Now it is even more interesting to talk to Siri. Apart from iPhone, Siri has also been introduced for iPads and iPod Touch. This smarter Siri now has the option to search people and places around the world. Moreover Facebook has also integrated with Siri which enables user to access Facebook using Siri. Siri also provides information about sports leagues that are integrated with it. Now applications can also be launched using Siri. Tweeter can also be used using Siri. Siri has been made to read even the notifications.

1. Maps App

The map application is surely the most important change that has been made in the Apple’s new operating system. With launch of iOS 6, Apple has finally distanced itself from Google. New map application has been launched with the collaboration with TomTom and OpenStreetMaps. Different views are available such as Satellite view, 3D view and Flyover View. The user has the option to select the view as per his/her wish. Apple has also added the turn by turn feature with voice prompts and this has been applauded by every critics. With new updates, the new map app will surely be a pleasure to use.

iOS 6 looks extremely solid as  a Mobile Phone OS and we don’t see it getting much competition from the Upcoming Smartphones in Windows 8 segment or Android’s.


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