Top 10 Rumors About iPhone 5S

Apple users are quite excited with the rumored release of iPhone 5S, the latest upgrade to the highly successful iPhone 5 released in September of last year. Those who are keenly awaiting the arrival of iPhone 5S are anticipating what is in store for them. Here are the top ten rumors about the iPhone 5S.

10. It will run on iOS 7.

Whenever a new iPhone is unveiled, it usually comes with an upgraded operating system. Take the case of iPhone 5 which came with iOS 6. Although there might be teasers of iOS 7, it might not be unveiled until iPhone 5S is released.

9. It can be launched as early as May or as late as September.

Although there are contrasting reports as to the launch date of iPhone 5S, it is most likely that the latest iPhone upgrade can be released around May to September 2013.

8. It will be powered by a new processor.

Reports have it that Apple is working on a new processor to include in iPhone 5S. Already powering iPad 4, A6X will be powering iPhone 5S. The new chip was launched a month after the release of the iPhone 5.

7. Steve Jobs personally designed the next two iPhones.

Recent reports say that Steve Jobs was the developer of the next two iPhones, namely the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. This was the reason why Apple could no longer change the design as it was developed when Jobs was still CEO of Apple.

6. It may have some unique features for beating Galaxy S4.

As it is, Samsung Galaxy S4 is the phone to beat, but Apple is working on a feature that will beat out Samsung Galaxy S4. There are no reports yet about what this feature is all about.

5. Its cost will be around $200.

Just like the previous iPhones, the 5S will cost $200 on a 2-year contract. While Apple is trying to keep the price affordable, it will be difficult for them to do so given that their phones are loaded with state-of-the-art hardware.

4. It can come with 128GB model.

In February 2013, Apple launched the first 128 GB iPad which makes it the biggest in terms of storage. Apple is planning to launch a 128 GB model for iPhone users as well in order to give them options to save files, movies, and pictures on their phones rather than in iCloud and Dropbox.

iPhone 5S

Rumors About iPhone 5S

3. The 5S may not include Retina display.

Unfortunately, iPhone 5S will not have Retina screen; instead, it will use IGZO displays. From developer Sharp, IGZO utilizes less energy compared to traditional LCDs. Aside from that, it can save 90 percent of the power.

2.  It can be one of three iPhone upgrades for 2013.

Reports say that the 5S is just one of three iPhone upgrades for 2013. The iPhone 6 and a cheaper iPhone for developing nations are also set to be unveiled this year. The latter is designed to capture the Indian and Chinese markets, which go for cheaper phones such as Google Nexus 4.

1. iPhone 5S can revive Apple’s stocks.

With iPhone 5S, Apple is again hoping to strengthen its slumping stocks just like what iPhone 5 did last year when it hugged the limelight.

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