Top 10 Reasons Not to Buy an iPhone 5

No one can deny the popularity of the iPhone 5 among smartphone users. Locked in a tight battle with Google Android phones, many people still prefer the Apple iOS. However, as popular as it is, there are still several issues that can stop people from buying the iPhone 5. Here are the Top 10 reasons that can have an impact on the buying decision of smart phone users.

10. Bugs

Bugs or defects in the design can be a major issue for not buying the iPhone 5. Problems with messaging, data connection, Wi-Fi capability, and pictures can become a downside for people who will buy the iPhone 5.

9. Siri

Originally developed as an iOS app available in the App Store by Siri, Inc., Siri (which stands for speech interpretation and recognition interface), has turned out to be one of the iPhone 5’s major drawbacks. Most of the time, it has failed to determine accents which makes it appear as if it is still in beta testing.

8. Podcasts

Another major issue that could frustrate potential buyers of the iPhone 5 is the Podcast. The problem lies in the app not being able to differentiate podcasts which are played and which are new. Aside from that, they randomly delete episodes, do not load more often, and would still download files on 3G even if it were stopped.

7. Speakers

For the young people, a great speaker will usually be one of the features they will look for in a smart phone. Sadly, this is one of the major flaws of the iPhone 5. If there are phones that offer better speakers, then customers would rather buy those devices.

6. Expandable Memory

Unlike other phone models, the iPhone 5 does not have an option for expandable memory. This is a necessity especially for those who are heavy on apps and love taking pictures or downloading videos.

5. Maps

The new Apple Maps have proven to be a nightmare for iPhone 5 users. Missing towns and the reactivation of long gone train stations have been a major concern.

4. Costly Interconnects

With the objective of ensuring smooth functionality of old accessories, the iPhone 5 has several interconnects. The main issue, however, is they are quite expensive. With the phone itself already heavy on the pocket, purchasing interconnects for the sake of making old accessories compatible can turn off users.

iPhone 5

3. Non-compatibility with 4G networks

There is a lot of buzz about the iPhone 5 having 4G/LTE support. But in reality, it is nothing but hype. Once again, the user may have to pay for the 4G connectivity. The fact that they are not able to maximize the full potential of their phone can be a reason not to buy the iPhone 5.

2. Features Bottleneck

The advantage of an Android phone over the iPhone 5 is the fact that they have more affordable rates for their features. Instead of completely changing the hardware specs, current iPhone 5 users would just opt for software update. Android users switching to iOS is unlikely given the lucrative features that they are already having with their Android phones.

1. Cost

Perhaps the top reason for not buying the iPhone 5 is the cost itself. The expensive price tag of the device is not something to be excited about. Wooing Android users to the iPhone 5 can be difficult considering that the cost of their phones is relatively cheaper yet offers better experience.

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