Top 10 Necessities To Root Your Android Device

If you love technology and live to explore the all new features which are coming in your way every day, then, possibly you are keen to know more about each and every detail about your android phone. If you have a tablet or an android of latest version, you should go for rooting to enjoy an enhanced experience. Here are the top 10 causes that will help you to realize why you need to root your device.

10. Enhancing the speed- Over clocking is one of the most noteworthy reasons for rooting. You can over clock your device up to 1.6 GHz if yours is a 1 GHz by default. But there are chances of instable functionalities.

9. Performance- You will also be able to improve the overall performance of the gadget. Some applications serve kernel tweaking options, customized ROM features and others that you can apply along with the Over clocking. Faster file system with enhanced load time is assured. The software functions will be smoother. But make sure that the memory is stable. Unstable memory can be the reason of application crashes or data loss.

8. Up gradation according to your personal schedule- Without paying extra bucks, you can get an easy upgrade to the essential applications on your phone using the latest rooting options like Gingerbread.

7. Durable battery life- Custom ROM functionalities give you the golden opportunity to improve the battery life by using the exclusive internal settings. Network activity management and applications are easy to access. There are beta applications in free and paid versions that serve auto data connectivity, radio bands, High speed CPU performances, WI-Fi and Bluetooth tethering facilities etc. Download speed will become higher and the risk factor here is minimum.

6. Screenshots- Most of the Google Android devices do not give the screenshots features which can be retained using routing options. So, enjoy using the apps like PicMe and get your screenshot feature.

5. Multi touch options- Some of the manufacturers don’t provide multi touch facilities in their phone while other Android suppliers do. So, if you are a victim of the scene; then, go for rooting it and get the multi input capability.

4. All features in one- The features of the Android phones vary to a great extent. So, you will not be able to get all of them by a single purchase. But, thanks to rooting that facilitates you with enhanced internal memory, SD cards accessibility and there are many more.

Android Device

3. Applications from the others- There are many applications from the other builds that you want to get in your Android phone which is almost impossible without taking help from rooting.

2. Increase the number of installation- Many android phones do not support internal memory where others are not supporting SD cards. So the acute problems arise when you want to install so many applications into one single platform. With a single root; you can mitigate the entire problem by using options like Apps2SD that gives you the freedom.

1. Yes! You can!!-  If you have paid a huge amount for your Android phone, then, why to limit the usability that only the manufacturers have given to you? Extend it and explore a new world by rooting.



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