Top 10 Must Have Android Based Pro Image Editing Apps

The web world is overflowing with top 10 apps suggestions for image editing. But very few of them are currently available in the market or meant for professional photo editing. Hence here I am going to put a list of top 10 apps for Android phones which can live up to the expectations of serious photographers looking for some really impressive pro image editing applications for the Android based gadgets and smartphones. Here we go –

1. PS Touch: This Adobe application for Galaxy Tab is far now the most brilliant image editing tool that can give the iOS counterparts a tough competition. Edit image without disturbing the resolution; use those plethora of layers, touch ups, filters and other image editing tools. So you get a Tab special version of Photoshop. Get it for just $10.

2. Pixlr Express: This is the latest free version of Pixlr-o-matic for Android based devices. With this app, you can work on the image without changing the size, use those amazing filters, special effects, and other editing tools, rotate and flip. It also sets you free from saving the image every time you add a new filter.


3. Infinite Design: You may not call it a dedicated image editing app, but this Sean Brakefield creation is superb for vector editing. Create images on jpeg or png formats, open file of svg format, perform image manipulation, create texture layer. You can get both the free and paid version of Infinite Design.

4. Photo Editor: This is another free photo editing app designed especially for Android devices. You will like the basic filters, good resolution, resizing feature, image skewing option, color curves and color levels.

5. One of the best professional picture-editing tools meant for Android devices above 2.2 version; PicShop can outdo some other iOS apps too with its features and UI. It is available in both free and affordable paid versions. A suggestion if your Android OS version is closer to 2.2. Try not to save an edited image in the highest resolution size as it may crash your system.

6. PicSay (Pro): Designed by Shinycore, PicSay is a creative image editing app which gives the developer’s desired freedom to play with an image to make it look best. You can smoothly work with different layers, save them for future use and do a lot of things. This is a paid app.

7. Touch Retouch: One of the must-haves, Touch Retouch’s lasso gives you the choice to simply remove some elements from an image making it look like as if the elements were never there. You can grab the paid version for just $1 or go with the free version.

8. PicsPlay (Pro): This app would have been a regular one without its Time Matrix, Histogram and some other interesting features.

9. Fotor: Check out the 50 filters that can do magic to your photos and its photo box gives you the chance to share photos with social media simultaneously.

10. Phonto: Typography is the specialty of this image editing app apart from its professional level features.

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