Top 10 Best Features Of Android Jelly Bean

Android is one of the most talked about mobile operating system today due to its enriched features and amazing graphical interface. Here in this article the top ten features of android jelly bean have been enlisted below,

10. Accessibility

It provides the characteristic of Triple tap to enter full screen magnification when you endow ‘Magnification gestures’. Endow ‘Talkback’, a screen reader for Android, right from the power list. With Jelly Bean, unseeing or low dream users can use ‘Gesture Mode’ to reliably navigate the UI using ‘feel and swipe’ signs in combination with speech yield. With the new accessibility aim characteristic, you can move a cursor between controls to sustain a goal for the next activity or a source for the next navigation happening.

New Android Jelly Bean Software

9. Android beam

With Android Beam, presented in Android 4.1, you can effortlessly share your photos and videos via NFC. Instantly two your Android phone or tablet to a Bluetooth apparatus like headsets or speakers that support the Simple protected Pairing benchmark by just tapping them together.

8. Browser

The browser has advanced performance, CPU and recollection efficiency. With better presentation for animations and HTML5 canvases and an updated JavaScript Engine (V8), sheet load faster and seem smoother. The browser now has better HTML5 video support, and has new client know-how. Just feel the video to play and pause, and easily transition into and out of full screen mode. The browser now carries the revised HTML5 Media arrest specification on input components.

7. Gallery and camera

Android 4.2 features an absolutely redesigned camera app with new tools for taking photos. High Dynamic Range or HDR mode (on supported apparatus) permits you glimpse more minutia in your shots by widening the exposure variety. With photograph Sphere you can take immersive 360º images and wide bend shots that you can outlook and share on your telephone, tablet or desktop computer. You can get access to camera straight from your phone’s secure computer display. To rapidly reconsider photographs you’ve taken without departing the camera app then you can do swiping from the viewfinder of the camera. If you desire to start breaking photos afresh, just swipe back to the camera viewfinder. In filmstrip mode you can swipe up or down to delete a photograph. You can alter a deletion with a tap.

6. Timepiece

The timepiece has been totally redesigned with an all new look which includes both a digital and analog timepiece style. You can use the new stopwatch to pathway time, enumerate laps and divides, and share your times. You can use the new timer to keep pathway of predetermined time span of time, run multiple timers at one time, and even mark your timers.

5. Usage of facts and figures

You can now brush aside a facts and figures usage warning without altering the facts and figures warning threshold. To disable backdrop facts and figures usage when your apparatus is using a particular wireless hotspot, you can designate that SSID as being wireless. Android now mechanically detects when one Jelly Bean device is tethered to another’s Wi-Fi hotspot, and intelligently endows or disables backdrop data usage on that SSID.

4. Face unlock

Face Unlock is now even much quicker and more unquestionable, with smoother startup and animation. You can improve face equivalent correctness by calibrating in different situation and with distinct accessories (e.g. hat, glasses). Face Unlock can now optionally need a blink to verify that an individual is unlocking the device rather than a photo.

3. Graphics

It provides stage grade support for new wireless display backgrounds implemented on Nexus 4, encompassing the proficiency to discover and attach to Mira cast matching devices by Wi-Fi Direct.

2. Screen locking

Android 4.2 permits you place widgets on your device’s lock computer display to give you much quicker get access to your calendar, Gmail, SMS notes, and even third party app widgets. Rapidly launch Google Now by swiping up from the base brim of your protected computer display.

1. Messaging

Support for assembly messaging by MMS. Notifications display the full text of incoming SMS notes and when you obtain an MMS you can view the full photograph in the notification. When going into recipients for an SMS or MMS a new UI collects recipients as chips, making it simpler to create notes. Talk characteristics a new notification method.

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