10 Benefits of Website Loading Quickly,Slow loading can affect Performance

Now this is one big concern for every Website Owner, We all obviously want our websites to load quickly because we know that makes them look better to the Users and Visitors. But in reality a quick loading website has tons of other big time benefits and a Webmaster should definitely work upon optimizing his her website in a way that it loads quickly. Here in this article we tell you of Top 10 Reasons why you should optimize your website so that it load’s quickly and doesn’t lags.

1. Every Second Counts

Very Obvious, Every second matters on the Internet. If your website can’t display a Product or Content cant display to user in time then the user would turn up to any other sources. Because their are ton’s and ton’s resources available on the Internet. The user may just assume that your website doesn’t loads and you can loose a really valuable customer. So it’s definitely a must to optimize your Website from an Expert so that it loads at par with your competitors at least.

2. Because it’s all about the User Experience

Websites have turned out to become the most important online identity of a Company or Brand or a Product and you can’t really let your slow loading website to hamper your online reputations. Users want websites that have great UI and offers Great User Experience. A slow lagging website can never give that and thus hampers your reputation and may just drive away your Loyal Customer.

3. Website’s Ranking would get Better-Google count’s Website Speed as a Metric for Ranking

Ok so now this is probably the most important factor out of the List (should have been at number 1 but somehow #3 is my luckiest:) so). As the title Suggests Website’s ranking degrades because of its speed. I know this is a big statement and can’t really be justified as it is but even Google has said that they count Website’s Speed as a Metric for Ranking” so that says it all. A quick loading website would have better Search Engine Placement (Google) which in turn would bring more traffic and thus more revenue from Ad’s or more sales. A quick loading could have it’s keyword placed higher in Search Engine ranking and thus could help you beat your customers.

4. More Interactivity on the Website

So a user who sees that your website is loading quickly would view more pages/products. He would know that he isn’t going to face and lag and donot need to wait after every time he clicks a link.

5. More Sales

A quick loading website ranks better in Search Engine ranking, gives better User Experience, Increases Mobile Users, Encourages Users Interactivity, Increases Return Visitors so in totality all these factors end up helping you get more Sales and thus more revenue and profits.

6. More Conversion from Mobile Users

Mobile users feel more comfortable viewing a website that is light and quick to load as that doesn’t makes their phone download extra data.Thus a mobile user would always browse a website that loads quickly much more.

7. Return visitors would Increase

Once a visitor notices that your website loads very quickly and offers great User Experience he won’t hesitate to visit your Website very frequently. Thus it would turn your Visitor into Repeat visitor and would help in building Loyal Readership and Increased Traffic.

8. Nearly 7% Sales Drop with 1 Second Lag

A recent report by Mashable said that as much as 7% sales from a Website drops with 1 Second lag. There are obviously a lot of factors that come in handy when validating the measure however this experiment from a reputed company clearly justifies that surely with slow loading time Sales decreases.

9. Bounce Rate

Once a user opens your website and notices that its taking too long to load he would instantly leave your site. This can have a huge negative effect on your website since the Search Engine may consider that he didn’t find any information on your site and thus may degrade your site’s ranking for that particular keyword.

10. Most Often it’s your Website’s fault not the Servers

Ok, so now that u have seen the effects and may have talked to your Webmaster already and he would have said you that he can’t do anything and its your Server fault. But most of the time’s it’s the Website’s issue, as the Webmaster haven’t optimized the sites a way they should be done and have very low or no mentioned expiry date of images or scripts so they increase’s your website loading time.

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