Top 10 Beautiful Animals you can keep as Pets

Man has since ancient times associated with animals either because of the love for it or due to the numerous benefits men gets using them. Be it the nomadic era or the times of the queens all of them have kept various animals in their close vicinity. These domesticated animals did not remain simply beneficial commercially . They soon crossed all the barriers ...

Top 10 Ways to Wake Someone Up

Indian mythology speaks of a story of a demon named Kumbhakarna who was believed to be in possession of his slumber. He slept for six long months or they had to use large trumpets, drums and what not to arouse him. And when he woke up, he ate everything in his vicinity including humans and animals. Inspired by the tale, the one who snoozes a lot is amusingly ...

Top 10 Best Ways to Help the Poor

What is the ultimate goal in a man’s life? John Lennon rightly answered to this, “Happiness”. But in this pursuit of happiness why is it that some people are left behind and some get all of it? I guess destiny has it in store for all of us in its own sweet way. And those who don’t realize it, we can make an effort to make them do so. Concern for the poor ...
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