10 Most Expensive Currencies in the World

European eur
Whenever the word currency is spoken, A dollar or pounds floats in front of our eyes. A currency is nothing but the money, also known as medium of exchange which is commonly used in a particular nation for transaction between an individual and business. Earlier when medium of exchange was not their or was in unstable mode, Trading among people or countries was ...

Top 10 Safest Places in United States

Everyone wants a place which has very little to worry about. In other words every one of us wants a place which is safe enough to live. So here we have the list of top 10 safest places of United States. People find themselves lucky enough if they ever get a chance to live at these places. 10. Toms River, New Jersey   Toms River is the city situated in New Jersey. ...

Top 10 Most Searched People in 2012

Justin Bieber
There are a number of persons who have been in news for one or the other reason throughout the year. So these people have been searched the most in the whole world. Here we are talking about ten such persons throughout the world who have managed to grab eyeball all over the globe. These following persons have managed to found places in our list. 10. Rihanna The ...

Top 10 Countries with Most Difficult Rules for Visa Approval

north korea
Everyone longs to go abroad sometime in their life. If one wants to take a flight to some other country VISA approval is the most indispensable part of this procedure. But now a day’s VISA approval is the most laborious and painstaking task. Some countries’ norms and policies are so firm that clearing all its steps becomes burdensome. So take a look at some ...
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