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 10. One can swallow tongue at the time of Epilepsy

epilepsy 10 Myths in India that are not True

Epilepsy is a condition occurred due to the on set of friction in brain waves causing disturbance in the brain activity, which causes rigidness in the human muscles. During such a thing people believe that there are chances of the person to swallow his or her tongue. But this is totally untrue. An epileptic person or a normal person cannot swallow one’s own tongue. There are chances of breaking his or her jaws or teeth’s and sometimes cutting his own tongue by chewing it. Hence it’s important to turn the person to side ways and do not stuff anything into the person’s mouth.

9. Shaving the head of a widow

It is a common act in Hindu custom to shave the hair of a woman’s head when her husband dies. These practices are followed since olden days and it is one of the last rituals of many other practices such as breaking of bangles, removing her bindhi along with her jewels and finally removing the hair. It was believed that when a widow braids her hair the spirit of her dead husband binds to her and the places where he frequented through her. It was a kind of welcoming a spirit into our space which was termed as evil. Hence in olden days, when a husband dies a woman’s head was shaved. Though this is not practiced now, some of the people of those times still believe it.

8. Stay indoor during an Eclipse

eclipse 10 Myths in India that are not True

The eclipse alone can give us a number of myths followed in our country. Most of these myths are made through olden astrologers or some seniors to help them in some way or the other to make people listen to them. It is a common belief followed even today, that at the time of eclipse one should not step out, as it can affect us causing serious problem to our body. In reality, olden days science was not as developed as it is now, and people did not have much knowledge about eclipse and its process. It is true looking an eclipse through naked eyes without any protection can harm the eye sight, people did not have any protection than. This problem has been spreading in different ways from one person to another finally leading to believe that it will affect the entire body. Today’s science has developed so much, that we all know that you should watch eclipse with protective glasses available for the same purpose.

7. Drinking water in between meals will spoil your digestive system

 drinking water 10 Myths in India that are not True

We often tell our children not to drink water in between their meals because it can create problems in their digestive system. This was believed because people sometimes keep drinking water in between and their concentration is elsewhere while eating, and later they force in their food, which in turn results in vomiting and over eating. But in truth the reason for this is not the problem with digestive system, instead over filling your stomach. Our stomach can take only a little food and water and that need to be balanced while eating. When you drink water in between while eating the stomach is filled with water and you all not be able to eat your food. Hence the reason it’s said not to drink water in between meals.

6. Taking a dip in river water for purity

river water 10 Myths in India that are not True

It is a common practice not only in our country but world wide that taking a bath or dipping in flowing river is sign of purity and wipes out our sins. Seriously if one can wipe out all his mistakes, everyone of the world can do any number of crimes and dip in any river water, and there he will be fine and good again. But that’s not true. In ancient days a flowing river is believed to be pure is because, the dirt carries away, while it flows and there is always fresh water, so it can clean your body, but not the inner sense. Infact we might dirty the water by too many people wanting to bath in it. Purity is in your mind and not in the body, so sins cannot be washed by taking bath in flowing water or blessed water.

5. Growth of Hair and Nails after death

That sounds scary, isn’t it? Surely our movies and tele serials also have been showing us the same that the evil spirits which rise after death have long nails and hair hanging till legs. It’s a common believe among people in India that a dead body buried in a coffin, might not have life, but the hair and nails do grow. Sure like a Vampire having big nails with a long hair. In reality when a person dies, his body shrinks due to decay and all the skin and flesh compress making the body small. While the hair and nails remain small. Due to the shrinking of the other things, the nails and hair look bigger in size than the usual way it looked. People assumed that it has grown in size. So there is no growth of any body parts of human after death.

4. Pregnant woman should eat for two

pregnant woman 10 Myths in India that are not True

Again this is another thing in India followed with many myths. Pregnancy is a process with many things followed and believed, some are true and some are not true, while some might not be true, but are been told for some safety purpose. Every woman is well aware or remembers very well, when she was pregnant, her grandmother or mother sitting beside her and telling her to eat more. So the food should be balanced for her as well as to the child inside her. In truth a pregnant woman needs only 300 calories extra to support the baby, while what she needs is more of proteins and vitamins. This can be taken in any form at any time in the day, by eating fruits, drinking juices, soups etc. Hence there is no need to eat more than your fill and later feel nauseous and trouble with stomach, causing distress to self.

3. Skipping meals to lose weight

skip meals lose weight 10 Myths in India that are not True

Most of the time people think to loose weight they simply have to stop eating their meals, and stay hungry. While this is absolutely not true, studies have shown that people who eat a healthy breakfast and have regular meals are more less weight than the other who skip meals. This can be a reason because, when a person skips his meals, there is always a chance of fill up gases in the body, and this can cause gastritis problem as well. Sometimes people who skip meals, tend to feel more hungrier later on, and eat more than they eat normally later on, which can cause over eating. With all these reason the person will not loose weight rather can gain more, and will be unhealthy as well.

2. Eating in the night can make you fat

eating in night 10 Myths in India that are not True

Eating in the night is also one of the common beliefs followed by most of us making us feel that it will gain weight. We have been repeatedly told not to eat late in the night as it can make us fat an can cause stomach problems as well, while the digestive system slows down in the end of the day. In reality, there is no proof that we tend to gain weight because of eating at night, but it is believed that it can cause distress to our digestive system, which can cause stomach pains and other stomach problems.

 1. Fasting on auspicious or festival days believing the God gives more points

fasting 10 Myths in India that are not True

My mother gave me more points, when I did something good, and my teacher gave more points while I did the sums correctly, and the same practice grew with us since our childhood days to get points on good things. It is a common belief followed fasting on particular festivals, that if you skip your meal and stay hungry, god will forgive your sins and will bless you, so there gaining points or getting back the lost points. Whatever in reality it’s not true. But it is believed that fasting once in a while, which can give rest to your intestines and digestive system, which can be in constant run for digesting the intake of food. Lets the body clear up with all the wastes and purifies the blood. A fresh meal taken after a course of time can help you get healthier. Hence fast for yourself and not for God. God gives points for your good deeds.

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Top 10 Beautiful Hairstyles for Women Wed, 12 Dec 2012 12:40:31 +0000 Many poets have said that a woman is God’s most beautiful creation. Over the decades women have used various tricks to enhance this beauty and prolong their youth. With an array of cosmetics and skin technology women have attained the ultimate charm. But many women ignore the most important part of their appearance that is their hair. A simple suitable hair style can change the entire appearance of a person. From hot to formal there are styles that suit every need of a women. Be it a party or an office meeting it is very important to have a correct hairstyle to set your fashion statement. Here are the top 10 hairstyles that suit almost any face around. Choose the one that suits you and create your signature style.


10. Curls.

wpid curly hair Top 10 Beautiful Hairstyles for Women

In the olden days curls were not considered a fashion statement. The girls having curls were always after getting rid of them. But as fashion globalized and different countries came up with their trends curls became one of the most widely accepted fashion statement. Now girls not having curls often go to parlors to curl them up. If you have naturally curly hair then you just need to play along. Curls look more beautiful when long. Length does not allow the curls to spread out. If the hair is coarse various products are available that can help you soften them up. As far as possible leave your hair loose if its curly . Doing so is a trendy way to look smart.


9. Pony tail.

tumblr m5j4kkTp6k1qbfenyo1 1280 Top 10 Beautiful Hairstyles for Women

A pony is one of the most common hairstyles especially with the teenagers. It basically involves pulling your back holding them above the neck and tying them up. A great thing about pony is that it works both for short as well as long hair. The only disadvantage is that it works better when the hair has good volume which holds the hair down. In case you don’t have thick hair still love ponies you can use volumisers to bring them up. You can also try half pony to give some volume. You can also use another style on your hair that adds to volume and then go for pony tail. It works well on both personal well as formal occasions.


8. Bob cut.

bob Top 10 Beautiful Hairstyles for Women

Bob cut is one of the oldest hairstyles and still holds great significance in the fashion world. It simply involves cutting of hair all around the head not leaving any length  It is one of the most accepted style with office going women. It is easy to handle and maintain. It adds to the professional look. Although initially endorsed by men it is now a common style statement with women. If you find it difficult to manage your hair early morning before office this is the way out for you.


7. Long bob cut.

Long bob hairstyles Top 10 Beautiful Hairstyles for Women

It is a modification of the bob cut. In the bob cut there is no length to the hair. In long bob cut the hair is cut around the head but is given some length most commonly till a little below the ear lobe. You can also add a little layers to the bob to make them trendy. It totally rocks when colored  It also can be worn on any occasion with any outfit. This is the reason long bob cut is a hairstyle in demand. If you don’t want to loose the entire length but still tired of long hair long bob cut is the choice for you.


6. Shoulder length.

Medium Length Layered Haircuts 2012 Top 10 Beautiful Hairstyles for Women

This is yet another very common style statement . It goes very well with ladies who don’t like tying their hair. The hair is cut such that it just touches the shoulder or is slightly below it. To make it trendy the lower tips are bend a little to give an edge to the hair. It works amazing on party wears . Simply letting your shoulder length hair loose dos the work. You can even tie them up in pony to get the sporty look. This works very well with ladies of all ages as long as there is some thickness to the hair. If thickness is lacking try to add some layers to your haircut.


5. Long straight.

Long straight hairstyle from Tyra Banks1 Top 10 Beautiful Hairstyles for Women

Many women prefer length when it comes to hair. If you have naturally straight hair then you are having an added advantage. Any kind of hairstyle can be tried on straight hair. But mostly preferred is to leave the long straight hair loose. Usually hair length covering the entire back is preferred. If you don’t have straight hair then you can get it done at any parlor or hair salon at a very reasonable rate. On occasions even ironing your hair a little can do the work. Long straight hair look amazing when tied in pony or when braided. You can do multiple things with your straight hair.


4. Layered hair.

whiteangel33 the all around haircut1 214x300 Top 10 Beautiful Hairstyles for Women

Layering your hair is one of the favorite tricks used by hair stylists to add volume to thin hair or to size down extremely thick hair. The hair is divided into segments or layers and each layer is cut giving a different length. This keeps the length of the hair and as different layers are there it seems that the hair is thick and bushy. It can be used in conjugation with other hairstyles. Long straight hair can be layered to make them more manageable. Coloring layered hair with smartness can totally give a trendy style statement.


3. Long wavy.

long wavy golden blonde hair Top 10 Beautiful Hairstyles for Women

Yet another style statement that can be used to liven up dull straight hair. A wavy hairstyle should not be confused with curls. In simpler words it can be said that waves are mild curls. The straight hair is made wavy at the edges or sometimes across the entire length of the hair. This gives a volume to the hair and also makes them look trendy. Long wavy hair can be colored to add to the style quotient. It works brilliantly on any occasion  Be it party or office it will not leave you out of place anywhere. Leave them loose or tie them up it will only add to your glamour.


2. Pixie cut.

pixie Top 10 Beautiful Hairstyles for Women

Pixie is one of the latest trends in the fashion world. Many big celebrities are seen endorsing the pixie cut. It is a little similar to bob cut . The hair is shortened at the back of the head and on the sides. The front hair is left longer then the other areas which extend to the forehead. It can be combed back with style or pulled out to rest on your forehead to add to the glamour. It works well with women who have round face and sharp features. Tall women should not opt for pixie. The accessories should be kept minimum when you endorse a pixie cut.


1. Fishtail braided.

fisht Top 10 Beautiful Hairstyles for Women

It is the latest trend in the fashion world. The braided fishtail is the demand of the style icons. It can be used to style your hair in the ultimate way. On one hand when pigtails are boring and blunt the fishtail is extremely stylish. It can be tied in many ways. You can use it to form a fishtail crown on your head or simply tie a fishtail braid that flaunts on your back. You can tie it lightly to add volume to the braid. After tying up the braid you can decorate it with shiners or other hair accessories. It works great on any party wear. You will be the center of attraction with that braided fishtail.

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Top 10 Best Hotels in London 2012 Tue, 24 Jul 2012 17:41:02 +0000 Besides being a famous tourist destination and a major commercial center, London is one of the most prominent cities in the world. It caters to millions of visitors every year. The place has always been known for its sophisticated and plush ambience. The hotels in London reflect this character. London houses some of the best hotels in the world. Here is a list of the ten best hotels in London.

10. The Cadogan

 cadogan hotel Top 10 Best Hotels in London 2012

The Cadogan is a very famous hotel and has witnessed some prominent historical developments. Oscar Wilde was supposed to have been arrested when he was lodging here. The room he occupied was 118. The Cadogan is plush in luxury interiors. The hotel is located in Knightsbridge, which is one of the most prestigious addresses in the city. The hotel is close to some of the best shopping places in London. There are sixty five rooms in the hotel.

9.  Milestone Hotel

 Milestone hotel Top 10 Best Hotels in London 2012

Milestone Hotel is located in Kensington Palace. If you are looking for the typical England luxury with a full time butler at your service and the England trademark chauffer driven Bentley to go around town, Milestone hotel should be your choice. This old hotel offers excellent facilities in all aspects.

 8. Langham Hotel

 Langham Hotel Top 10 Best Hotels in London 2012

Langham Hotel is more than a century old. To be precise, it was opened in 1865 and over the past century and a half, the hotel has built a rich patronage. Some of the most well known people in the world camp at Langham hotel when they visit London. Apart from being luxurious, Langham has a unique classy ambiance. In the olden days, any man who lodged at the Langham was taken to be a gentleman. The hotel does not disappoint in terms of luxury and service.

7. The Savoy

 The Savoy Top 10 Best Hotels in London 2012

Originally Cesar Ritz, this hotel was named as the Savoy much later. It is located near Trafalgar Square. This is another hotel which bears the Oscar Wilde brand. He occupied rooms 362 and 346 at the Savoy before he was arrested from the Cadogan. This is a hotel which has a rich history behind it and the history is reflected in its interiors.

6. Hotel 41

 luxury hotel london 41 Top 10 Best Hotels in London 2012

Hotel 41 is located on Buckingham Palace Street and provides every luxury which you expect from a 5 star hotel. There is a certain aura of exclusivity about the hotel which makes it very desirable as an accommodation option. The hotel is an epitome of English prosperity and affluence. Host to celebrities from all over the world, this hotel offers excellent service. Along with the old world charm of marble bathrooms and black and white authentic mahogany interiors, the hotel has evolved with time and included a whole lot of modern comforts. It is definitely a great place to stay when you visit London.

5. The Dorchester

 The Dorchester Top 10 Best Hotels in London 2012

The Dorchester has played host to royalties. The history of the hotel dates back to over seven decades during which the hotel has catered to high profile guests from all parts of the world. One of the most enticing things about The Dorchester, apart from the meticulous 5 star service, is its High Tea. Served in the typical English style, the tea offered in its Alain Ducasse restaurant is a must try. As for the rooms, they are replete with all luxury facilities and comforts. You find nothing to complain about The Dorchester.

 4. The Berkeley

 the blue bar The Berkeley Top 10 Best Hotels in London 2012

The Berkeley is a reputed hotel located in the center of Knightsbridge. The hotel is known for its stylish interiors and a chic ambiance. This fashionable hotel has two hundred and fourteen rooms, which are all decorated beautifully by some of the most famous interior designers of the world. The rooftop swimming pool which offers awesome views of Hyde Park and the restaurants in the hotel are much loved by guests who are regulars here.

3. Browns Hotel

 browns Top 10 Best Hotels in London 2012

Browns Hotel has been a part of London’s history. It holds the honor of being the first hotel in London. The first telephone call of the world was made here by Alexander Graham Bell. The Jungle Book was penned down here by Rudyard Kipling. When you visit the hotel, you are instantly transported into another world of beauty, history and wonder. Apart from all these, the English afternoon tea at Browns hotel is an experience which you should not miss.

2. Ritz

 the ritz hotel london Top 10 Best Hotels in London 2012

The Ritz is over a century old. It was built by Cesar Ritz, who is one of the most well known names of all times in the hotel business. Located on a great property in Piccadilly, the Ritz towers above the other hotels in terms of luxury, opulence and elegance. Barclay Brothers own the hotel and are doing a great job is ensuring that the hotel offers the best services and facilities for its guests.

1. Claridge’s

Claridge’s Top 10 Best Hotels in London 2012

Claridge is located in Mayfair district. The Art Deco ambiance of the hotel takes you back in history. The rooms in Claridge reflect the culture of England. There are two hundred and three rooms here and these rooms are bigger than rooms at other luxury hotels. Every room is unique and you can completely relax in these wonderfully decorated beauties. Claridge is famous for offering the best service is town. English tea of Claridge is also very famous. With old school interiors and new world comfort, this hotel ranks right on top of the list.

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