Top 10 Best Hollywood Directors all Time

Hollywood directors are awarded as the best director in the world by their super hit movies that always ranked on no.1 in the chart buster list. These directors work day and night for the making of their movie and representing their thoughts. Their movies has made them popular all over the world.  Their moves managed to ranked in the chart buster list because ...

10 Most Dangerous Mafia Groups in the World

A Mafia or a yakuza is a group of criminals who do business on illegal activities such as trafficking, drugs, smuggling, robbery, and many such activities through which their main intentions are making money.  Over the years these groups kept growing, while there are many crimes happening in the world, these mafia groups have a major part in such things, and ...

Top 10 Worst Movies Sequels of all Time

Movies are the entertaining product for the mankind. many movies are the hits for generations but there are movies which have an astonishing effect on masses and oh which it leads to its sequels and there comes a time when these sequels seem as if they were not to be made ever. Producers and Directors put in their all effort to make the next the best but the ...
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