Top 10 Beautiful Animals you can keep as Pets

Man has since ancient times associated with animals either because of the love for it or due to the numerous benefits men gets using them. Be it the nomadic era or the times of the queens all of them have kept various animals in their close vicinity. These domesticated animals did not remain simply beneficial commercially . They soon crossed all the barriers ...

Top 10 Reasons to Own a Dog

Its a long term belief and a well acclaimed saying that a dog is a man’s best friend . ┬áDevoid of the selfishness that we humans possess the dog has always been a symbol of loyalty and faithfulness, be it the early morning walk or waiting at the door for the master late night your beloved pet will never complain. It only knows to be there by his master ...

Top 10 Ways to Stay Safe Online

This is the 21st century where everybody needs internet services to make himself compete with the swift modern era. Internet is a boom to information and communication technology. People from all age groups, all professions and all backgrounds use internet. Some use it for communication, some for information and some for mere entertainment. It appears as if no ...
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