Top 10 Must Have Computer Backup Options

As technology evolves over the years, almost everything in the business industry has adopted. Online businesses have been sprouting which requires documents and other important information to be recorded accordingly. If you record data manually with the use of ledgers just like in a traditional business, some would find this very inconvenient and would prefer storing everything in their personal computers. What happens if you encounter a data disaster? Do you have a back up to restore all your business data? This is why online computer backup solutions are important. However, do you exactly know which computer backup solution is the best considering that there are over 50 backup providers ready to render their service? Let’s check out the top 10 must have computer backups’ to protect your business from any possible mishaps.

1. MyPCBackup – Cheap and User Friendly

When it comes to online storage and ease of navigation, there’s nothing more reliable than MyPCBackup which comes with unlimited storage space and ability to sync to different computers to ensure that all of your computer’s hard drive information are securely backed up. This backup storage can be accessed anywhere you are at anytime. This backup solution provides all its users an access to iPad and iPhone apps as well as Android apps and from there you are able to upload and manage your files.

2. Spanning Backup – Enterprise-Class Backup Solution

If you are looking for the best Google backup application, there’s nothing better than Spanning backup. This app protects your business from devastation by having the ability to restore files in your Google drives, docs, Gmail, important notes on your calendars and contacts. The security provided is rock hard mainly because it is SSAE 16 compliant. When it comes to storage, it is also unlimited and can back up files as many as you want or need. Spanning backup provides you access to different Google app tools such as Mobile Audit Log, Undelete for Google Calendar, Stats for Google drive, and Admin Audit Log Viewer. This is why Spanning back up continues to flourish!

Top 10 Must Have Computer Backup Options

3. CrashPlan+ – Comes with Excellent Software!

When it comes to excellent software CrashPlan+ should not be undermined. Some of its features include web based restore option, a superb 448 bit encryption level which is more likely better as compared to any banks, and of course a continuous backup feature. Online storage can also be unlimited which allows you to use maximum of 10 computers!

4. Backblaze – No File Size Limits

This online backup solution features excellent and straightforward software. This has no file size limit which means you are capable of a 100 GB files to back up and even a 12 hrs. 1080p videos. When it comes to price, this is one of the cheapest. It offers $5 monthly fee for 1 computer with an unlimited access. With the use of Backblaze, there’s nothing more you can ask for.

5. BackupGenie – 100% Backup System for Everyone

In terms of file protection BackupGenie is one of the most reliable backup solutions you can opt for. It uses 256 bit encryption for an optimum protection of files; it even allows you to backup your valued files in different servers. In terms of affordability, this is one of the cheapest out there in the online backup market.

6. JustCloud – Experience a Fast Upload Process

Speed for some is important and opting for JustCloud is a wise decision. This online app uses a mixture of Google’s big data and Amazon’s s3 to provide the fastest upload or download time anyone could experience. Your files are also backed up to your Cloud storage even if it is for free. JustCloud allows user to do file sharing privately and file versioning. Android apps, iPad and iPhone are also some of its free great bonuses.

7. Mozy – Easy to Restore

This is a one of a kind backup service that possesses three things; high quality service, affordability, and user friendly. This is a free backup solution of up to 2 GB and just like Dropbox, this backup service should also be downloaded and installed. Once done, all you have to do is decide which files to back up and it will automatically work as you wish.

8. ZipCloud – Enjoy its Rich Features

ZipCloud is almost the same as JustCloud; it also comes with great features that every user would fell in love with. This comes with unlimited cloud storage for a cheap monthly fee of $4.95. This app is capable of storing securely your private files especially those business files with the use of bank model encryption methods.

9. Dropbox – Simple online file Storage

Although some considered Dropbox as not really a certified computer backup solution, still it falls under the list mainly because it is capable of storing important files. You’ll have to drag an important file into a folder for safe storing and you can open it in a different computer by just logging on to its website. You can use 1TB if you plan in storing your business files.

10. SOS Online Backup – Simply Unique and Amazing

SOS online backup is quite user friendly however the services offered are top notch and something that stands out. It provides a very affordable rate for those who want to avail of the business plan and the speed must not be underestimated. You can use as much as 5 PC’s without any additional charges unlike other Cloud services.

How About you? Do you Have your Own Backup Plan?

Having a backup plan in whatever endeavour you wish to partake is a must especially when it comes to an online business. Therefore, it is highly commendable that when storing your business files in your computer, make it a habit to use a backup online app that will act as your partner in times of devastation. Once you’ve installed it, you won’t even know it is there not unless the time comes and you need its service. Be clever enough and start using any of these computer backup solutions, you’ll never know what the future brings and it is better to stay on top of the game and be ready for whatever unfortunate things may happen.

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