Top 10 Fun Android Arcade Games 2012

Action games of Android software are some of the popular and frequently played games as these games  are the ones to create excitement and interest for action games. Its various versions with advanced techniques and excellent graphics and animations make these games highly appraised as these games are limitless. They are increasing one after another some of the best are here.

10. Death Dome

This game is considered to be perfect and great for the casual gamers who have interest in action games on the other hand for fighting gamers this game is not so great thus this game reviews are mixed. It is a 3D Fighting game in which gamer has to focus on one thing that how to attack its opponent and finally dodge at right moment at right time with the use of appropriate weapons, armor and shield which are upgradable. Dodging at the right moment will freeze the time and gamer will able to damage their enemy with no bondage thus further help in finishing enemy. Its excellent graphics and great animation work with high sound effects make this game great.

9. Bad Piggies

After the success and popularity of Angry Birds, Bad Piggies is the lovely and smart game reinvented by Famous AB Franchisee with almost same elements. This new game is suited for all ages as it is interesting and fun loving game which is simple and easy to play which make one gamer tension free and relaxed. It is the arcade game in which gamer have to build vehicle using limited number of pieces to achieve some goals after crossing hurdles of boxes, spiky rocks so that gamer get three star rating. Animation character of piggy is made carefully which invoke gamers to play its various simple as well as complex levels.

8. Angry Birds Space

This new game angry birds adventure is gravitational physics game which have 60 new interstellar levels combining 4 different environments. Gameplay is almost same introducing new birds and powerups and innovative birds videos keep the essence of game till the end and predict this game to be successful. After completing one level and other player gets stars which help in increasing the points in the end on the other hand repetitive levels create interest and give knowledge about gravitational physics. In this game rovio’s effort is more appreciating than others.

7. Eternity Warriors 2

This game resembles dungeon and horror type look in which gamers have to keep demons away from Udar by destroying  towers to do this mission gamers get unleased power and various other features which upgrade their game play. While playing players get silver and gold coins with added credits which increase their performance in both modes that is single layer as well as multiplayer modes . Stunning graphics and upgrade system make this game appreciable and exciting to play with joystick.

6. The Tribez

 This is the creative game in which gamer has to build a village into beautiful place through given options making tribes happy. This is one of the most adventurous game roaming here and there in the ancient world and designing through their creativity. Game offers 700 tasks with multiple effects and missions on the other hand give overall complete look to the game with amazing features is given by Game Insight International. To make the village more beautiful developers have given menus and resources to manage the village properly.

5. Subway surfers

This is the exciting escape game in which gamer has to help character Jake from inspector and dog and score high points. Gamer need to be alert during the game as they have to save themselves from roadways obstacles and collect coins to increase energy. This fun loving game with amazing graphics is leisure free game one can play while going to bed which relax the person. Developers  of this game Kiloo Games has given such games many.

4.Retired wizard story

This addictive complete action game is developed by West River which is successful game including 10 chapters with 100 levels. This game features old wizard living ordinary life and raise sheep by fault he has used speaking spell  gamers has to help him to get sheep in the original state before magical powers become active. Thus to escape from this gamers has various options such as potions, power ups, freeze spells and many other items  on the other hand excellent gameplay, graphics and animations grade this game to be on this level.

3. Jetpack Joyride

Halfbrick  Studios has developed this incredible adventurous game in which players join in main character Barry Steakfries which is grabbing jetpacks from the laboratory saving from all the obstacles and enemies coming in the way. Character carries various options to save him such as bullets, rainbows and lasers on the other hand he needto collect coins and new items to be stronger as initially gamers may find it easy but later on as the game proceeds levels become difficult to cross. Thus it is fun loving full energy adventurous game.

2. Temple Run

Temple Run is considered to be one of the quick fast running game by Imangi Studios in which you as a gamer has stolen idol from temple and gamer has to save from evil monkeys who are after your way to bring back idol thus you have to cross various cliffs, obstacles and narrow pathways to escape from monkeys.  Being canabalt 3D addictive game atmosphere and environments of the path keep on changing and thus the scenery also changes giving real look to the gamers besides this they have to collect coins coming on the way. Graphical images, power ups effects and adventurous passages make this game great and exciting which create interest to play further.

1. Angry Birds Star Wars

Rovio has created this new wonderful version of Angry Birds by mixing with star wars in which they fight against Imperial pigs and win all the battle. Gamers nee dto help them for planning and saving so that they not conquer galaxy. Gamer can become Jedi Master by crossing its various levels and reach the level of achieving three star rating score. Gameplay remains the same only its goal or objective changes with advanced new features and detailed qualities which ranked this game number one.80 levels are perfectly designed.

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