Top 10 Best Websites to send Free SMS in India

Everyone is social in their own respect but paid services somehow affect socialism. Here are top ten free messaging and calling services which will help you a lot through the utilization of magic power of internet via mobile or internet. Using these one can have quick conversation with their friends and family along with fun.

10. SMSgupshup:

SMS GUP SHUP is basically a largest mobile group SMS service of India. It offers message length of 100 characters which can exceed maximum to 140. More precisely it is a free SMS service which allows user to develop their mobile communities in order to broadcast the messages in a cool manner. It is a good source of interaction in many well-known enterprises. Finance, lifestyle, technology forms some of the topics of group. From the view of present era SMS GUP SHUP is at rapid growth in its field with thousands of new groups.

9. Jaxtr

JAXTR, this social service was framed in March 2007 with a package of enumerable features. It is India’s or say world’s largest talk network as it is comprised of over 10 million members from all over world. Calling rates are reduced if JAXTR is under use since it allows free calling. While being online JAXTR can be accessed via any phone even without dialing. Hence time and money saving concerns enable it to build a real big platform of membership.

8. SMS7:

Messenger for long and healthy conversation is none other than SMS7 as it offers 440 characters long message. Likewise messages, registration at this site also does not consume a single penny. Scheduled delivery of messages to many groups is easy via this website. It delivers quick response in return. It maintains a phonebook for every user. Customer friendly technical support is provided to user by SMS7.  This is the reason due to which SMS7 manages to have enlarged user base.

7. Youmint:

YOUMINT is simply a great source for SMS in the interior of India, owned by Mobile Tree Limited, England. It permits 160 characters per message. This website is one of those which provide opportunity to win mind blowing schemes in return of sending SMS or receiving mails. Rewards may be air ticket, recharge, gift vouchers and sometimes in terms of money. It has currently over 6 million members. Once the user gets registered, YOUMINT provides durable and consistent services which in turn strengthen web-user interface. This site also contains ready-made messages for users.

6. Atrochatro:

Atrochatro can be called as multi-tasking site with respect to many frames it possesses. It requires no registration to use this as a basis of transferring messages. Atrochatro allows sending 148 character messages hand-to-hand delivery report. Its stars include games, music, videos, e-cards, horoscopes, saved drafts of love, festival. Ads don’t cover any part of SMS.It holds 6th position in the top ten lists because of its coverage on almost all networks of India and widespread fame.

5. Google SMS Channel:

Google SMS Channels is a new concept where services are shared. These channels are activated by Google labs, India. This site require user to create channel in order to send the certain message to the member of the respective channel. Channel owner also get authority to feed a site as SMS source. Messages sent by this website are generally free from ads both for readers as well as subscribers. Users can send unlimited free messages in India and can have fun through group conversation. Google SMS Channel is most common among people who have their own websites and is also used by many universities, companies for some tasks.

4. Ibibo:

Ibibo is basically an international message providing service which allows user to send free SMS all over India if the user has an account on this website. It permits 140 characters to write a message. Well along with message sending it also offers facility of making free phone calls or say facility to hear from callers. All those users who have their account on ibibo can link their mobile phones.

3. IndyaRocks:

Indyarocks is another well-known social networking service across India emphasizing on likes and dislikes of youth. Indyarocks provides a unique facility of sending unlimited messages of each of 140 characters under the constraint of speed at the rate 30 seconds per message. The attracting feature of this site includes delivery of SMS as scheduled by the user that is user can set time and date for particular SMS and the further processing is all done automatically. Creating groups, group chat, and photos uploading are also possible via this source. Above all therefore assure its grading in the category of famous sites.


160 by 2 website came into light in 2007 and since then it has become the most renowned website for free sending of messages all over India. As its name “160 by 2 “, it permits 80 characters for a particular message while the remaining 80 characters for advertisers.

It allows user to send maximum 50 messages per day and show the exact real number in inbox.It has been considered till yet as the most reliable SMS service and for this reason “160 by 2 “have over 12.5 million registered users. It provides inbuilt address book and mobile java applications.

1. Way2sms:

Way2sms is the most leading SMS website of today’s time. It was started in year 2006.It supports 92 characters for text messages and the remaining for advertisements.Way2sms exhibits an enlarged base for user interaction as well as convenience. While accessing this site user can keep track of email alerts that it provides and in inclusion with it user can also simultaneously remain active with Gtalk or any other account. High speed for delivering messages and zero tolerance are remarkable features.Over 20 million users and daily access to this site of over 12 lakh users makes it number 1 holder and dominant of all other websites.


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