Top 10 Best PayPal Alternatives 2012

With the onset of ecommerce sites and development of international online trade, the need for an easy and quick international monetary transaction route is at an all time high. One of the most preferred, reliable and accepted means of money transfer is PayPal and for a long time, PayPal monopolized this arena. However, a lot of people are not comfortable working with PayPal, mainly because of the long list of regulations levied on users. When it comes to international transactions, deductions are heavy when PayPal is used. Furthermore, if you happen to mistakenly break rules of PayPal, your account is immediately frozen and your money can remain locked away for as long as six months. So naturally, people like to look at other options which are safer and as reliable as PayPal. Here are 10 best alternatives to PayPal.

10. Plimus

Plimus is a good PayPal alternative. You can join for free and withdrawal procedure is flexible. Money can be withdrawn through wire transfer, check and bank transfer. You will have to pay some amount of commissions, which vary depending on the amount. For any transaction less than $5, the commission of 75 cents and for amounts more than $280, 4.5 percent commissions are deducted. Plimus is great for businesses and freelancers.

9. CCNow


CCNow is a perfect platform for small businesses. If you have been struggling to get your merchant credit card, you should turn to CCNow. The service is prompt and basic. You will not find a lot of frills and fancies while dealing with CCNow. While this channel of money transfer is perfect for people who just want to transfer money and receive it, the channel is not very suitable for people who deal with selling downloadable services. The best thing about CCNow is that you can completely trust it because its risk and fraud management system is superb. It is compatible with all international credit and debit cards.  




2Checkout also offers prompt and reliable services. If you are not satisfied with the services, you can avail the 30 day money back guarantee and get your deposit back. Fraud management system of CCNow is also very strong. Registration is free, although you have to pay a registration fee of $49. Around 5.5 percent commissions are deducted for every transaction.


7. Serve

Serve is a product by American Express. What works in favor of Serve is its easy transaction process. it resembles Amazon Payments up to some extent. In order to operate your account, all you have to do is connect Serve with your bank account. once done, you can easily receive and send money to any part of the world through your smartphones or a web browser. Payment is instant. Security measures are also very reliable.


6. Payoneer

Payoneer is an excellent option and is preferred by a lot of business houses all over the world. When you sign up with Payoneer, you receive a Master Debit card, which can be used in ATMs. The company has tied up with certain banks in each country and the respective bank ATMs can be used to draw money. You have to pay a small maintenance fee on a monthly basis. The best thing about this money transfer channel is quick and easy availability of money. On the flip side, getting the Master Debit Card can be slightly cumbersome and long procedures need to be followed.


5. MoneyBookers


MoneyBookers is a reliable channel, although there are a few undesirable limitations with it. You can transfer money easily. Withdrawals are received within three to four working days. The good thing about MoneyBookers is that the fee charged is very small for every transaction. A huge number of sites accept transactions through this channel. On the flip side, payments can be made only through VISA card. Master Card is not accepted.


4. Liberty Reserve


Liberty Reserve has been around for quite some time now. There are a lot of features which work in favor of Liberty Reserve. Firstly, accessibility to funds is easy and quick with its Quick Payment service. Secondly, you have the option of anonymously transferring money to any other account. Your account number will not be revealed to the receiver. The customer support of the company is especially attractive with Live Chat and other modes. Security is very powerful, which ranks Liberty Reserve right on top in terms of reliability quotient.


3. Perfectmoney


Perfect Money is perfect in a number of aspects. You can make immediate payments with a high degree of security. Online payment facilities are some of the best with Perfect Money. You can also use this channel to purchase gold online. You can also buy EUR and USD currencies. Services are good and you get a wide range of flexibility in handling your money.


2. AlertPay


AlertPay has become one of the leading modes of online transfer in the recent times. Initially, AlertPay was used by Paid to Read, Paid to Click and HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) accounts. However, in the recent times, the channel is being extensively used by a lot of large businesses as well as SMBs. You can choose between three account types – Business, Personal Pro and Personal Starter. You can create a Personal Starter account free of cost. Easy withdrawal is possible through Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer and Check.


1. Google Checkout


Google Checkout is one of the fastest, easiest and most convenient ways of money transfer online. The registration is free and there are many unique features. One login takes care of all your transactions. Documentation of transactions is excellent on Google Checkout. All your transactions are organized and documented on a single page and so, you can view it quickly anytime. The fraud protection policy is extremely efficient. You get protection against purchases which are unauthorized.  Google is a name you can trust and that makes a lot of difference where your money in involved.

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