Top 10 Best Freeware

Technology has allowed people to download programs and applications from different websites instead of having to actually have a driver that computer users need to install to their computers. There are P2P or peer-to-peer sharing sites that allow members to upload and download programs for free. Here are the top ten best freeware.

10. General Cleaning. If your computer is noticeably slowing down and cannot seem to open a program or a page without you having to wait for a minute or so, you definitely need to download and use the freeware called Advance Care System. It will take care of your malware problems, will empty your trash can which is filled with junk files, and perform necessary repairs for your system.

9. Procreation. QGifer allows computer users to extract GIF from video files, looping, optimization, and other basic manipulation including text rendering and cropping. It also has a project management feature and multilingual interface.

Best Freeware

8. Clean and Clear. Glary Utilities is also an efficient cleaner just like Advance Care System. It can perform tasks such as disk and registry cleaning, file shredder, and memory optimizer. For more features, a pro version of this freeware may be purchased.

7. No man is an island. In case of isolation from the network, the freeware Portable Update may be used to allow receipt and application of Microsoft Windows updates.

6. A beer for Avira. The anti-virus Avira is one good reason to celebrate with a bottle of beer. There is no need to pay a fortune to keep your computer safe from virus and other harmful elements. Avira is well-loved by computer users for its efficiency in detecting potential problems and remove these elements.

5. Bitten. Malwarebytes do not bite and protects computers against enemies effectively. This anti-virus freeware is very effective in detection of malware and spyware, and you would not have to spend a long time waiting for the scan. The fulltime protection may be purchased in a very reasonable price of a little more than $20. That’s definitely a steal considering the efficiency of the product.

4. Slideshows. Special Image Player is a freeware for creating slideshows using almost 200 transition effects. Different image files may be used including jpeg, metafile, and bitmap.

3. Fight or flight. IObit Malware Fighter will definitely fight. It is another efficient Malware and Spyware detector and remover. It enables computer users to have a smooth and safe internet browsing experience.

2. Play hard. Full Player can play Blue Ray and DVD discs, all video file formats, 2D and 3D iSO image files. New versions have improved file opening speed.

1. Suddenly it’s magic. Clipping Magic may be used to remove background from images. This is one task that may be done using Adobe Photoshop and other image editing programs but would definitely take time and effort. Let Clipping Magic do all the dirty work. This will allow you to spend saved time in other editing tasks that will lead to the optimum quality of your output.


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