Top 10 Apps on the Mobile Phone

Considering our mobiles are fast becoming more than just a phone, it’s wise to download not only the best apps on mobile phones in the UK but from around the world so you can keep up to date. To ensure that you don’t install the wrong widget and waste your time, here are the top ten entertainment and media applications.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is definitely worth installing onto your mobile phone. It has a great selection of programmes that will suit nearly everyone’s tastes and is very easy to navigate and use.

Top ten apps on the mobile phone

Morfo 3D Face Booth

Also handy to have on your mobile device, if you like being kept entertained whenever you have a spare moment is Morfo 3D Face Booth. Just take a picture and then see how you’d look if you were turned into a video game character; its fun, simple and addictive.

ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier

In keeping with face morphing, ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier, is another fun way to alter your appearance digitally. Ever wondered what you’d look like if you were a zombie? Well not any more. It’s good, mindless fun.

iSpy Camera

Or you could download iSpy Camera and have a genuine Big Brother experience. Just tap the app and sit and watch real-life CCTV footage of the world going by, just be warned, it’s very addictive.


For more fun and a great way to prank call your friends, there’s Fonejacker. Taking well known phrases from the popular show, you can record them together and then call your friends and let the app do all the work for you.

Malcolm Tucker: The Missing Phone

Malcolm Tucker: The Missing Phone is great if you want an interactive way to engage with the satirical TV show The Thick of It. You can hear private memos, voicemails and much more.


Returning to more traditional modes of entertainment, Netflix is a must for anyone who can’t bear to be away from their TVs. Unlimited access to great films and shows – what could be better?

AV Player

AV Player is essential if you want to download and watch films that might not agree with mobile phone thanks to the format they’re in. Now nothing need stop you from watching what you want.


IMDb is a great app for anyone who is an entertainment lover, not to mention likes to have all possible TV and film information at their fingertips. It is such a good app and one you’re sure to use a lot.


Lastly, why not take a look at Odeon; if you’re a cinema goer and want an easy way to see what’s on the big screen and then book tickets, this is perfect for you. Nobody likes the long cinema queues and waiting for get your tickets, so why do it.

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