Top 10 Most Paid Apps on iTunes

Do you own an iPhone and would like to know what other iPhone users are getting busy with? Game apps are quite booming nowadays, some are for free while others are paid. If you want to know what are the top 10 most paid iPhone apps right now, let’s check out the list.

Duck Dynasty

If you’re an avid fan of Americas most watched reality TV series Duck Dynasty, then you will be happy to know that there is a mobile game app now available on iTunes for this reality TV series. Duck Dynasty can be purchased for only $0.99 in English language. This game app provides users with different features such as duck hunting, creating your own redneck character, eat chiles and a lot more. Tons of users love this game app and find it really awesome.

Top 10 Most Paid Apps on iTunes

Backflip Madness

This game app is paid for only $0.99 and it’s all about extreme sports. The goal of this game app is to simply generate tons of amazing stunts, flips, and tricks. It comes into 3 levels, a realistic gaming feel and some challenges along the way.


This app is a bit expensive as compared to other paid apps, this one can be purchased for $6.99 which requires users to build blocks and experience some challenges and adventures along the way.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

Amounting to $0.99, this app is a smash hit too just like its predecessor or older version. Similar to angry birds however you will find tons of available characters here such as Yoda, Darth Vader, Mace Windu, Anakin and a lot more.

Fantastical 2

This is not a gaming app but rather a calendar app that is said to be award winning. It can be purchased for $2.99 and it comes with useful features such as reminders, alerts, week view capacity, to do tasks and dozens more.

Oldify 2

This app is currently used by more than 2 million users right now for only $0.99. Users will be able to see themselves in their older version. Simply take a photo of yourself or of someone, and then choose how old you want to look like!

Plague Inc.

Created closely similar to a real simulation, plague is worth $0.99 and users will have the chance to explore a deadly plague and try to survive the whole time.


This app can be purchased for $0.99 and is compatible to both iPhone and iPad. This is considered as an image editing tool or app with a simple design. It comes with 56 filters, 66 textures, 75 available frames and other useful tools in image editing.

Heads Up!

With a value of $0.99, this app is used by tons of iPhone users that is funny and pretty enjoyable. Even Ellen DeGeneres loved playing this app. You get to name celebrities by guessing. It comes in variety of decks from movies, animals, characters, celebs and a lot more.

Free Music

Free music can be used for $1.99 and is purchased mostly by music enthusiasts. This is compatible to iPhone and iPad where one can download music, videos, and some audio books.

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