Top 10 iPhone Apps for Students in 2013

Almost all college students owns an Iphone and being a cool phone as it is, there are many apps that you can download either free or under a fee that will greatly help you to manage your life, save time and money as well as communicate and keep in touch with people.

The top 10 Iphone app for students in 2013 includes;

10. Evernote.

Evernote is a must have app for you Iphone, I mean for a free app to be able to manage your text and audio notes as well as take pictures! What reason should you have not to own one? This amazing app will help you in recording lectures and jotting down notes at the same time.

9. Keynote

Course work presentations have never been easier. Keynote is an app that will help you create well structured and informative presentations that will drive your point to your colleagues. This app will allow you to make animated builds, use video clips and sound as well as customized transitions.

back to school

back to school

8. iStudiez pro

iStudiez pro is an app that will help you in time management and scheduling. This app is basically a virtual personal assistant that will help you keep track of your classes and dealines.

7. GoodReader

There are a lot of handouts and literatures that any student will have to deal with. GoodReader is capable of reading PDF’s and all document files. This app will help you arrange your coursework, copy, move and share with any other person.

6. iTunes U.

Created by apple, the iTunes U is a free app that contains a wide range of courses from all leading Universities. It is like an encyclopedia and you can be able to access any topic in whatever course you can think of.

5. Dropbox

Despite a lot of competition, Dropbox still remains the best app for virtual storage of files and documents. This app will also allow you to share your files over social media and also to other devises. Dropbox is an important tool for creating backups and restoring data.

4. Google Maps.

Are you new to campus? Then you don’t want to get lost now, do you? Google maps will give you all the direction you need to be where you are supposed to be. It also provides satellite images that will help you in familiarizing with the environment.

3.Whatsapp Messenger.

This is an instant messaging app that will help you interact create connections and relations throughout your university years. It also saves you lots of money in terms of texting and sending audio.

whats app

whats app


This is a virtual dictionary that gives you access to pages of words and their meanings. will help you in understanding the difficult words you will come across during your course work.

1. Cram

This is the best tool to get you prepared for your big test. This study tool will help you create tests with multi choices in it and you can share it with your friends. Taking these tests over and over will not only improve your chances of passing the paper but it will also boost your confidence.


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