Top 10 Cheap Mobile VoIP Apps you Can Use for International Calls

Right now, mobile phones serve not just a tool for communication but also as a personal assistant that should always be around to make one’s life easy and comfortable. Because of this, it is expected that mobile phones should be more developed and of course way cheaper to continuously meet the demands of people to keep in touch and updated with everyone at work, personal lives and long distance friends and families. This is where the mobile VoIP comes in, because of its cheap international calling service and other amazing features that could possibly replace your landline; it is undeniable that a lot of people are using this service. So let’s check the top 10 cheap mobile VoIP apps that you can use for international calls.

1. Skype – One of the Strongest Existing VoIP Companies Right Now

Skype is the biggest contender when it comes to VoIP services and this is no surprise for this is the main service the company is specializing. To make Skype even better, added features such as chat and the ability to call regular landline numbers or cellphone numbers is possible. Skype enables anyone to do video calls and audio conference which are quite useful in terms of business. This is why Skype has managed to always remain on top of the game because of continuous innovation.

2. Rebtel – A Free Calling App for Android

Because Rebtel is popularly known for its free calling app for android made this app the second largest next to Skype! With the use of Rebtel you will be able to make calls using your desktop PC, your smartphone, and a landline. What make this better are the low rates or even free international mobile to mobile and mobile to landline calls. Rebtel app works just about on any phones and mobile network providers. Its “keep talking” feature allows you to switch in an instant from Wi-Fi to mobile network so as to avoid your conversation being cut off. With the use of Rebtel you are assured that conversations are seamless even if the user stepped out of the Wi-Fi area.

Top 10 Cheap Mobile VoIP Apps you Can Use for International Calls

3. Viber – Enjoy your Free Calls and Messages

Viber is also ranking in VoIP industry because of its popular free calls and messaging service around the globe. Sending of photos to anyone across the country can be achieved without any cost! When you say free, Viber really meant it as long as you have a 3G or Stable Wi-Fi connection.

4. Fring – An Award Winning Mobile Application

Fring was originally created to change how people communicate with each other. Frings’ service allows all its users to have an internet rich communication with the use of mobile phones for different purposes such as free video calls and even free group calls.

5. AVT Mobile – Inexpensive Means of Communication

This app is quite simple to use yet enables anyone to reach and connect with their families who are outside the United States. In this app you don’t have to use any international codes or numbers and avoid the hassle of any scratch cards. Simply open the app and dial the desired number, take note though that this only works within the United States. However, there’s no monthly subscription or the need to have a stable Internet connection or Wi-Fi.

6. Nimbuzz – An All Inclusive Mobile App

This app comes with chat and VoIP calling features to enhance communication. What makes this one of the best is the ability to manage different communication tools by just the use of a single mobile app. The need to log in on multiple applications for varying services is eliminated as soon as you start using Nimbuzz.

7. Tango – Get Interactive!

Tango is said to be the newest in the industry which promotes user interaction that is compatible for both iOS and Android. This app comes with cool games that mostly appeals to young generation. It also allows free calls and text messages. If you feel like doing a video call, then feel free to use it for it doesn’t have any charges. You will also be able to receive messages or calls without the need run the app in the background.

8. Truphone – An All Around VoIP Tool for Everyone

This app actually started for a Nokia phone and later on evolved and now can be used to different mobile devices aside from Nokia. Just like Skype, this app allows you to make a call directly so the need to use the service of your mobile provider is eliminated. Users of this app are mostly those that are chat fanatic and those that are fond of calling internationally.

9. TalkBox – Enjoy the Voice Bubble Craze

Although TalkBox does not fully provide free calls, it provides a free instant voice message as an alternative chat solution for its users. Users can create voice bubbles of up to 1 minute long and send it real time. Maximum people allowed to enjoy the voice bubble feature in a conversation is 9 and some would even refer to this type of communication almost similar to a walkie talkie!

10. Yahoo Messenger – One of the Easiest Ways of Communicating

Because Yahoo have been in the business for quite some time now and have a large number of chat users, they’ve incorporated the VoIP feature in their service. Now, users can enjoy a PC to PC calls even internationals and voicemails. Video calls, sharing of files and photo can now be enjoyed.

Start Using Mobile VoIP Apps Now to Enjoy Low Cost International Calls

It is undeniable that using the VoIP system is way cheaper as compared to the traditional phone systems. If you analyze deeper, you will realize that with the use of these amazing VoIP apps will help you save a lot when calling someone abroad. Long distance calls doesn’t have to be expensive. Aside from being cost effective, VoIP system provides a rich media service where you can enjoy video calls, file sharing, image sharing, chat, and a lot more. So why not try these great apps to enjoy inexpensive calls and enjoy long conversations with friends and love ones!

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