Top 10 Popular Photos on Instragram

If you’re into social media, most especially if you’re an iOs gadget owner, you can’t deny the phenomenon known as Instagram. Apart from being a mobile photo sharing app, it’s also a social network wherein you provide updates via photos. Instagram allows you to edit the photos taken with your phone by adding filtered lenses that give your photos a vintage look. Let’s take a look at the top 10 most popular photos people love to upload on Instagram.

10.  Throwbacks and Flashbacks

This is a new photo trend which features pictures from yesteryears posted on Thursdays and Fridays every week. It’s called Throwback Thursday (TBT) and Flashback Friday (FBF) wherein people would upload really vintage pics of themselves at toddler years or a photo of their parents back in the day when they were not married yet. Actually, it can be anything, just so long as it’s a picture of long ago, back when the camera was still Polaroid and film.

9. Nail Color/ Nail Art

As manicures come in different colors and with the entry of nail art on the picture, it’s inevitable that the female population would flaunt their latest nail designs on Instagram. From dark colored nails to bright, vibrant ones with the art design to match, you can find them in practically any account and corresponding hashtag.

8. Scenery while out Driving or Riding a Boat or Airplane

Okay, this is expected. We do this even with our digital cameras before and upload it to Facebook, after so, how much more with the instant upload of Instagram now? Usual photos uploaded when out driving are that of landmarks of a certain place. While when on a boat, it’s the waves or, if lucky, dolphins that came near the boat during the travel. For plane, you can expect that such photos would, more often than not, show the airplane wing and the clouds or endless blue sky (if on day travel).

7. Screen Shots of Text Messages

Certain text messages have been categorized as okay to be publicized; hence, a go for sharing on Instagram. Usually, these text messages consist of topics like embarrassing or amusing remarks of parents who just can’t get the technology of these days, sweet conversations between a couple or jokes that are worth your while to read and actually laugh about.


There are certain topography apps that make adding text to a photo really easy. So, with that, you can easily type in your favorite quotation (majority of which is about love, broken hearts, moving on and seeing the brighter side of life). With a certain picture you have in your iOs, give it the effects you desire and, presto, share your creation to the world. At times, the photo chosen is actually a self-portrait that talks about seeing one’s self worth and moving on to a better state in life.

5. Pets

Much like our babies, pets are equally adorable and we’ve had our share of bonding moments with them that shout for Instagram upload whether it’s a shot of your kids giving your Labrador his first bath or your cat rubbing herself against your lap looking for a scratch. Such captured moments with your pets serve as a document of all that you have gone through together as master and faithful, loyal friend to be cherished through the years.

4. Get Together

This type of photo is especially popular among girls who hold reunions with different sets of friends every now and then. Usually shots on a restaurant or coffee shop where they meet up and catch up with each other’s lives, these shots of the group come with the food and drinks they’re having on the table with captions like “Having Dinner with High school Friends at TGI Fridays” or “Catching Up with College Buddies over Coffee at Starbucks.”Popular Photos on Instragram

3. Babies and Kids

When you’re a parent especially if you’re a mom, you can’t help but feel proud and happy with your kid’s accomplishments. Dubbed as “mamarazzi,” millions of moms worldwide upload photos of their kid’s achievements and baby’s milestones every day. Such a collection would serve as the kid’s or baby’s online album documenting every milestone and every achievement they have. Not only is such a method convenient, it’s so easy to share to other relatives and friends in other countries who would also want to have a glimpse of how the kid or baby is growing up.

2. Food

It is said that Food spotting is responsible for making the fad of sharing food photos popular. But in Instragram’s case, such a post makes you look like one seasoned foodie. In our case though, we’re just fond of uploading the food that we’re having for a certain meal of the day. As photo sharing on Instagram is uploaded real time, when you post your picture with the caption, “Having a Sumptuous Dinner at Laguna Garden Cafe,” you mean you really are enjoying your dinner at the said restaurant while uploading the picture.

1. Self Portraits

Believe it or not, many of us are vain. We love taking pictures of ourselves and flaunting it for people to see. Mostly, this is done when we have something new like, for instance, a new hairstyle, a new look, a new tattoo, a new outfit, a new car and the like. Sometimes, we post pictures of ourselves after doing something with captions like, “Just woke Up” looking all groggy and non-attractive, or “Burp!” looking like a satisfied cat with an ear-to-ear grin after a satisfying meal.


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