Top 10 Nikon Point and Shoot Cameras of 2013

Point And Shoot cameras are very much useful to the beginners as they are not as bulky, complex and costly as D-SLR cameras but posses most of the functions of those models. Some of the cameras of this category of Nikon are listed below.

10. Coolpix S6500:

It’s a simple stylish handy camera with having CMOS image sensor along with 16 megapixel which produce good pictures. It has 12x optical zoom with a very good aperture range of f/3.1-f/6.5 and supports full HD recording.

9. Coolpix AW110:

The main specialty of this camera is that it’s waterproof and has inbuilt GPS and WI-Fi facility.  It is a 16 mega pixel camera supported by CMOS image sensor with 5x optical zoom and has f/3.9-f/4.8 effective aperture range. One can send pictures on the move with this model.

8. Coolpix S9300:

This camera has 18x optical zoom with 16 megapixel and posses CMOS image sensor. It has f/3.5 – f/5.9 aperture range with full HD recording as one of its features along with GPS facility which functions well.

7. Coolpix S9400:

It is an upgrade model of S9300 with change in aperture range f/3.4 – f/6.3 with 3inches OLED wide angle monitor; but the GPS identical feature was removed.

6. Coolpix S9500:

This model is an advanced one of S9500 with getting the GPS features installed in it again which works really well and having an excellent optical zoom of 22 xs in this slim model. Its zooming capability helps to take pictures from far distance with this slim model that is easily portable.

5. Coolpix P330:

Though it is a camera with 12.2 megapixels and zooming optical of about 5 xs but it’s a good choice with CMOS image sensor and very low aperture range of f/1.8 – f/5.6, which helps in full HD recording with 3 inches TFT LCD monitor. It is very good for low light photography because of the low ‘f’ number.

4. Coolpix P510:

It’s a bulky model among the cameras listed above. The key feature of this model is its zoom facility of about 42x optical zoom. It is a 16.1 megapixel camera with CMOS image sensor with aperture range f/3 – f/5.9. Along with all these features it also has GPS and the tilt screen facility. With its high zoom capability its good for landscape photography.


3. Coolpix P520:

This model is a developed model of P510. Nothing much has been changed except the megapixel.

It is an 18.1 megapixel camera. It has 3.2 inch full rotatable TFT LCD monitor and records videos in full HD.

2. Coolpix P7700:

It is an awesome model with 12.2 megapixels, a very good aperture range of f/2 – f/4 with CMOS image sensor. It has a zoom facility of 7.1x optical zoom. But the main attraction is that it has full rotatable TFT LCD screen that helps to shoot pictures from any angle. With such a low ‘f’ number it’s very good for low light photography.

1. Coolpix A:

This camera is considered as to be the best among this category with having 16.2 megapixels, DX format CMOS image sensor with having a very low aperture of f/2.8. Besides these it has 3” TFT LCD wide angle screen with full HD recording facility. All the settings can be selected manually.

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