Top 10 Ways on Marketing Your Photography Business

Photography started out as a hobby as it evolved into an industry over the past few years. That being said, you already know that when you are in the photography business, you will have a lot of competitors. Thus, here are 10 ways to market your photography business and let the cash flowing in.

(10) Use social networking

All business has a FaceBook or Twitter page that clients can follow. Through this, you can update your followers on promotions or discounts you may have. You can even create a small community with your social networking accounts.

Photography Business

(9) Create your own website

Having your own website will show clients how advanced you are when it comes to technology. In addition to this, it is also a great place to show a portfolio where anyone from around the world can access.

(8) Collect Testimonials

Request testimonials and feedback from clients in the past and post them on your social media accounts or website. This way, potential customers will see how people adored your services.

(7) Join exhibits

There are always exhibits to join. You will need to register and give your services for free but then again, this is free advertising. Moreover, people from the photography industry will be there. Thus, there is a better chance for your name to get out there. So do your best during these opportunities.

(6) Take pictures of important events

If there are any special events going on in your community, make sure you are there to take pictures of them. You can sell or submit these photos to print media such as newspapers or magazines and for sure, your name will be published as well.

(5) Enter competitions

There are many photography competitions you can join online. These are big companies we are talking about such as the National Geographic channel. Thus, make sure you join them always because you never know, your entry could win.

(4) Establish lasting relationships

Make sure you create very friendly and professional relationships with your clients. It is important that you still talk to them and greet them even if your contracts are over. This way, they will spread the good news about how easy you are to work with. Remember, word of mouth is one of the strongest forms of marketing.

(3) Give discounts and promotions

Since the competition is tough, people who need your services will look for the cheapest and best deals they can find. Let that be you!

(2) Have a business card

A business card is essential. If you want people to be able to reach you during the moment they need a photographer, then make sure they have your card in their wallet. Give business cards away with complete information and always keep your lines open. There is nothing more irritating than a published number that does not work.

(1)    Give a face to the brand

If you can afford it, then get someone famous to be the face of your brand. This is how the world of media and advertising works so this is worth the money and time.


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