Top 10 Tips for Success in Photography

Although taking pictures can be assumed to be a very easy task, getting the best shot or photography work is not that easy. If you are a budding photographer who wants to know how to create an online portfolio of amazing photographs and probably make some quick earnings, follow these top ten tips on how to take pictures and succeed in the field of photography.

1. Focusing the camera properly

If you want to capture the gazes and compelling smiles of your subject, you should concentrate on focusing the camera at the subject’s eye level. That means you have to bend down to a low level when clicking pictures of kids and animals.

2. Inspecting your subject’s background

The background affects the theme of the picture in a big way. For instance, a cluttered background will draw more attention and hence distract the subject of the picture unlike a plain background that emphasizes more on the subject.

3. Capturing images outdoors

It’s advisable that you always endeavor to use the fill flash setting whenever necessary. For example, you should use it outside with the overhead sun or when the sun is directly behind the subject so as to lighten possible dark shadows. You can also use it during cloudy days so as to lighten up the faces of your subjects and emphasize them from the backgrounds.

Success in Photography

4. Filling the picture appropriately

Professional photographers confess that in order for one to capture an impactful photo he or she has to fill the picture with the subject. In fact, with the help of macro mode, you can capture very sharp close ups of smaller objects. It’s really not rocket science; all you need to do is capture a picture that appeals to you too.

5. Taking vertical pictures

Since most subjects look amazing in vertical pictures, you can turn your camera in such a way that it’s sideways in order to achieve such a shot. However, this really depends on the type of subject and what the photographer intends to achieve.

6. Locking the focus

If you are dealing with off-center subjects, you can get great sharp pictures by locking focus. Here are the steps that you should follow in getting it right:

i) Centering the subject

ii) Pressing the shutter button just half way.

iii) Reframing the picture while you are still holding the shutter button half way down.

iv) Pressing the shutter button fully so as to finish the shot.

How to get Success in Photography

7. Bringing the picture to life

Place the subject that you are focusing on at the center in order to bring the picture to life. Since most cameras focus on the middle, you should make sure that you lock the focus and reframe the shot.

8. Knowing your flash’s range

Pictures that you take beyond the camera’s flash range can end up being too dark. Therefore, it’s essential that you know your flash’s range whenever you want to take a picture. In most manuals, you will realize that most cameras have a range of about 10 feet away.


9. Lighting

You ought to know the lighting at all times to ensure that you utilize it in getting great shots. The soft light produced during cloudy days can give you very awesome shots in the outdoors. The scenic pictures for producing photos with long shadows, you should utilize the early morning and late in the day natural lighting.

10. Spending enough time assessing your pictures.

Try rearranging your subjects into various positions and click out various shots for your personal analysis. In other words, you should be your own director quite literally.


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