Top 10 Reasons You Should Take Up Photography As Your Profession

When it comes to make a career choice that has the glamour quotient in it along with the cool intellectual property, photography becomes an obvious choice. Just like a guy with a guitar is anytime an instant hit, a person with a Single-lens reflex camera with huge lenses impresses us beyond imagination. Apart from being a chance to showcasing yourself as a thinker and intellectual, there are many other reasons to be a photographer by profession. Here are top 10 of them. If your reasons are different, feel free to drop it in the comment box.

10. Be the mother figure: Your every subject, living human beings, is like your child. You are fussy about their looks, locks, postures, dresses, and everything. You use your saliva to shape their locks. You hate to see them in bad postures, walking or staring in a weird way, and you keep telling them all the time what to do and what not to do. You always want them at their beautiful best, so that world cannot get a chance to raise fingers.

9. Opens up a new horizon: It is one such profession where you can slowly keep opening new doors of opportunity. You get regular to a circle, there someone spots you, and takes you to another circle. Thus, this chain continues and after a few months you find treasure zone, if you are curious and dedicated.

8. The artistic pleasure: Your mundane life definitely does not give you may choice to fulfill your artistic demands. Like you are passionate about lens, camera, photography, and wild life shooting; but your partner is more into partying and shopping. Now, if you are a manager in an IT firm, you are dead. But being into this profession will give you the liberty to express your artistic desires.

7. Universal profession: You don’t find a genealogist wherever you go. But you can bump into a photographer anywhere. And once you encounter another person from the same profession, you know you don’t need anything for the next one hour.

6. Instant conversation starter: You are invited in a party where you don’t know anybody except the host. Now, you say anything about the latest F-mount lens or the shutter speed quality of Nikon’s latest product, it can lead to a 2 hour long conversation. All the strangers now seem like childhood friends.

5. Become the globe-trotter: It does not matter in which field of photography you are into, photography means travelling. It is like ‘buy one, get one’ offer.

4. You are a worshiper of beauty: Not only women or nature, you find beauty even in a left-alone coffee cup lying on road. If it is so then photography should be your aim of living.

Photography As Your Profession

3. Love adrenaline rush: Reaching the most deadly place just to capture the glance from there intoxicates you. Photography is for those who love to take up weird challenges.

2. Famous among friends: You will love to see your friends, or a tourist blogger using your shots as their Facebook cover pictures.

1. Money: Where else can you charge $100 per hour? Photography is sexy just for this reason.


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