Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Travel With A Photographer

Myself being a photographer and with the experience of travelling with other photography-addicts, I believe it is the right time to write something on this topic. This article is for the non-photographers as because if you are one; you will hardly face the problem. Hence for all the non-photographers who love to travel around but there is at least one shutterbug in the group then read it carefully?

10. They will look after their kit only. So even if somebody picks your luggage or it gets lost on transit, do not expect them to worry about that.Even the same goes for their luggage too. They will embrace the kit everywhere. The rest of the baggage will be at other’s mercy.

9. Their off road destinations may put you into trouble. It is more important if there is a professional photojournalist in your group. Just to get a “picture that says a thousand words,” they can befriend a drug-peddler within seconds or may enter the prohibited red-light areas to manage a shot. So if you don’t want to get chased or caught by police, try to avoid their off-road destinations.

8. They may ask you to accompany them in some cool places, (read in a muddy river bank or a steep rocky hill) because they think you can be a better option to stand with their gears while they are busy capturing the sunset or the panoramic vista. Now, the choice is yours.

7. They can make you walk for hours at a stretch saying that they are almost done with shooting. But even after covering a few miles, their shooting will show no sign of ending.

6. Are you expecting them to do some point-and-shoot for your Twitter or Instagram profile updates? Forget it. Friends having fun with beer glasses do not make a good subject to them. Rather they would love to take a photo of that street dog. Now don’t feel humiliated.

5. They will stop at almost every alternative step. So if you are in a hurry to reach a lighthouse before it gets closed for the day, you better leave them behind and move on.

4. You are hungry and you want to eat. But they are hungry to take a snap for that. So forget your hunger and wait until they are done. Try not to order hot coffee as it will eventually get ice cold.

Travel With A Photographer

3. They can go to any extent to take a photo. So it’s better not to follow them. Not legal, but trouble with life. They may climb a tree to get the perfect shot or make you jump from a bus to test the shutter speed.

2. They may suddenly vanish in thin air without any prior notification. Do not panic, they must be busy shooting the locales and enjoying the homemade delicacies.

1. Try to pack two waterproofs in your bag. If there is a rain, they may snatch yours to cover their gear. So it’s better to keep another raincoat as backup.

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