Top 10 reason to Love Photography

Have you ever thought that why photographers put so much effort and time in photography that has not made them a dime? Why they put all those websites? What is the driving force? It may vary for different people but this list may help you answer the questions.

10. Relieve stress: Photography is an adventure. You go out tracking, hiking and exploring in search of good sights. On the way you get fresh air to breathe and beautiful sceneries to refresh your eyes. You concentration on photography make you relive of other problems as they don’t exist.

Top 10 reason to Love Photography

9. To see the world in new way: To see the world with a naked eye and through a camera lens is different. You get a chance to see the world from different angle. You never know when you explore the artist in you. It is ways to expand your imagination and explore your creative abilities.

8. Inner peace: When you climb the mountains to capture the sunrise or the sunset, you feel an inner peace. Capturing every happy moment make you feel good about yourself and the creature of the being.

7. Communication: Yet it is a unique way of communication. You gather information in form of photos put it in a different way to see by the world. May you way of sharing information is more effective than what is written or spoken.

6. People moved by photography: Watching a video of starving kid in Africa is less influential than a picture taken by a photographer of the starving kid. Photography captures the moment and let you feel the moment for a while.

5. Career: Many people make good career in photography. You are being paid for what you like to do and what interests you. What could you want more than doing what you want and being paid for it? The constant struggle to getting better is a pathway of learning.

Top 10 facts to Love Photography

4. Photography builds your confidence in you: When you take picture of someone who thinks is ugly and you make them feel like Goddess, what could be more encouraging then seeing your hard work being fruitful in front of your own eyes.

3. You stay forever: Photos can be seen by thousands and thousands of people around the world. It allows you to live in the world forever through your work. If you can get make a cover of magazines like Time and National Geography, you will get to live forever.

2. Make family ties stronger: From the moment the baby opens his eyes in hostel to his first step, by covering all the happy moments of life, you get to unite the family in hard times. When everyone is gone, it gives you the memories of your loved ones.

1. Talent: Photography is a talent which you express. You can’t hold back you talent long; it will come out sooner or later. You share the gift you are given and make others’ lives joyful too.


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