Top 10 Reasons why Women Are Better Than Men

As gender role change, men are now out of step. The role of women is changed in our society in the passed three decades. Now women and girls become more active and facing different challenges with spirit. Women now achieved great status in government, sports, industry, and the media. Women is always better than men in respect to personal or professional life.

here are the best top 10 reasons how women are better than men.

10. Caring Mom

Women are always more empathetic and caring than men. God filled women with lots of quality such as strength, emotions, love and care. That is why people truly believe women are God’s best creation. We are always more closer to our mother than our father. She always does more than we expect from her. Women are more loving because she live pure emotions and love not by reason or logic.

9. Ruling over world

The days were gone when she was just known as mother, sister or wife. But the time is changed now, she is a Doctor, Teacher, Pilot, an Engineer moreover ruling the country as an Prime Minister/President. Even if we look back to the history women always contributed a lot for the betterment of the world like Rani Lakshmi Bai, Mai Bhago, our former Prime Minister Indra Gandhi and many more. Now women are not less than men in any mean, even more better than a men.

8. Live Longer


According to the ”New England Centenarian Study” women live 5 to 10 yr longer than men.   Study also reveals, ”Among the world’s population of those who are over 100 uear old, 85 percent are women”.

One more interesting fact, women have fewer heart attack than men. In Britain one in five men die from a heart attack, while women ratio is just one in seven. Mainly Men though women has less heart loll!! but fun apart women have naturally occurring chemical, O estrogen helps stop blood cell sticking to the walls of arteries and farming potentially fatal blockages,  revealed by discovery.

7. Multitasking

Psychologist have proven that women are really best at multitasking than men. And this truth does not need any fact. Starting from our mothers as they are doing her household work, meanwhile she is helping us in our homework. Woman act quickly on any problem to resolve it, without over thinking. Now a days, she is handling both her professional and personal lives better than men, where he is just busy with his profession.

6. Better Manager and Better Investor

of course women do make a good manager, as they are more efficient and trust-worthy. They have better understanding f their work as they are quick learner. She manages both the life well whether it’s personal or professional life.

Hilary Clinton, Angela Markel, Chandra Kochar, Shiksha Sharma, Indra Nooyi, all had proved that they are the best manger.  Today no one cares whether the leadrer of a company, country, group is a male or femal. Just matter how effective and efficient leadership skill they owned.

They are best investor as well, women likely to think long term before investing. they are more cautious with investment plans.

5. Recession Proof

Happiness is the key to success for women. They believe in making good relationships with children, co-workers and bosses.  According to ”The Nielsen Company” Men are happier with money, but women are more happier with non-economic factors. This make them happy during recession. When the whole world is came under the grip of global recession, men suffers a lot then they realize money can’t buy everything.

4. Evolving Beauty

This is very true that woman beauty is always growing with the passing of time, while men remains the same. Beauty is a god gifted thing for the woman.

According to recent research ”More than 2,000 people almost from four decades of life, the study revealed that gorgeous women had 16 % more children than average-looking girls and about 36 percent of  beautiful people are likely to have daughter as their firstborn.  All those gorgeous daughters mean more beautiful women than in past generations”.

3. Better at seeking comfort

According to Mind survey of more than 2,000 people proved that ”women are far more likely than men to talk through their problems. Almost fifty-three percent of women share with their friends about what’s stressing them out, as compared to 29 percent of men”. They act quickly to get out of the problem.

2. Good Adviser and Better Decision Maker

Women are always takes better decision than men. Woman thinks long term before taking any permanent decision. That’s why, today women are better known as a good manager and good financial adviser.  At personal level woman always better than men because she has good heart and emotions, which is more important for personal relation. But at the same time she has an logical mind that makes her good at professional level.

1. More Hygienic and Healthy

Women are more hygienic, according to the research from ”SAN Diego State university of Office US” reveals that women desk are always free from germier than men. As per discovery Men’s had 10-20 percent more bacteria on their workspace.

University of MINNESOTA reveals that women are like to eat healthy food mainly prefer pilling fruits and vegetables instead nasty pizzas and red meat. An may be this is one the reason, they also have strong immune system than men.


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