Top 10 Hottest Male Actors in Hollywood.

The Actors immortalize themselves in the form of their acting and roles they perform in the cinema. There are actors who not only mesmerize the world with their talent but also with their charm, glamour and hotness. Here in the following article, I am discussing about the ten best hottest looking actors of Hollywood of all time.

10.) Johnny Depp

Born on June 9, 1963 he is one of the most handsome hunk in the industry. He gained fame for himself from the portrayal of Jack Sparrow, the famous lead from the blockbuster movie Pirates of Caribbean. His ultimate and devoted acting skills earned him the fame he was actually supposed to be given. Other best film of this actor include, The Dark Shadow recently released based on a Vampire cursed by A bitch, Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka in Charlie and in his young days his role in ” Once Upon a Time in Mexico. He started his acting as a teen and soon became the chocolate boy in the industry. Recently being done a deal with Tim Burton in Seven Films, he has earned name and fame as well. With a very swinging smile and classic look, he is in the list with rank 10.

9.) Zac Efron

Emerged as a teen craze and earned fame from his roles in Disney movie High School Movie as ” Troy Bolton”. His chemistry with Vanessa Anne hudgens is just too good. After entering in to the full fledged acting life, he did some great movies like 17 Again, Charlie St. Cloud(A love story) and recently a movie name The Lucky One. He has climbed stairs of success on his own talent and his very stylish and athletic as well as crunchy body is the main reason of allure. He was named as the Poster boy and was featured in 2007 in tweenyboppers. Having earned a fame at the youngest age, he is at number 9 in the list.

8.) Vin Diesel

Originally Mark Sinclair Vincent but commonly known as Vin Diesel, He is the awesome actor in the industry. Having done many action films like XXX and the lead of the movie ” The fast and the Furious”, he has made the world go crazy for him. His ultra nourished bald look adds up flavor to his style and is an iconic model for the present generation.

7.) Tobey Magurie

Born as Tobias Vincent “Tobey” Maguire, on 27 June 1975, he is an American actor basically and known for his acting in Spider Man and self-immortalizing for generations through Peter Parker. He is one of the successful superhero of the world. Not only his roles in spider man is considered the best but also the roles of Pleasantville, Seabiscuit and Tropic Thunder. Always been in hidden portal, he was acting against the best but his stars went in skies just after the famous role of Peter Parker. One of the smiling face in the industry and the icon of innocence. He is ranked number 7 in the list of the hottest actors in Hollywood.

6.) Josh Hartnett

An American actor born on 21 July, 1978 and immortalized himself with his roles in John Tate in Halloween, The Faculty (Zeke Tyler) and The Virgin Suicides. He showed his potentials with a very fresh look and a glaze in himself. He carved a statue for himself in the industry with his roles in movies Pearl Harbor and Black Hawk Down. he turned to comedy as well and did 40 days and 40 nights as Matt Sullivan. With assured and most famous of his roles from sin city (2005) and The Black Dahlia earned him a status which anyone dreams of. Ranked at number 6 in the list, he continue to rock the industry.

5.) Tom Cruise

It is often said that ” Women get old with age but Men look younger with rising age”. The saying is true for this veteran actor. He is one of the most charismatic, enthusiastic and the most handsome hunk in the Hollywood. His portrayal of ” Ethan Hunt” in movie series Mission Impossible will always be in memories and he will live forever in this world through Ethan. His first classic movie Risky Business is still a hit for all generations and yeah for truly a gentleman of the universe, he is the sexiest and the most smiling face of Hollywood. Ranked at number 5 in the list, he continues to allure the audiences with his lucky charming and dimply smile.

4.) Brad Pitt

This fun loving guy is born on 18 December 1963 in America. Husband of Angelina Jolie, he has done many hit movies like Oceans Series, and his portrayal of “Achilles” in Troy has gained him the exact fame he really needed. His ultra magnificent acting talent the very classic looks and perfect body has earned him a name in the list of the hottest actor of all time. Having always involved in many high-profile love storied, he is currently in love and married to Angelina Jolie. Now on he is more interested in social works and charity which has earned him a distinguishing place in hearts of millions.

3.) Leonardo Dicaprio

One of the most handsome guy in the universe and undoubtedly the best actor of all time. He caught the sights and attention from his role of mentally challenged boy the brother of Johnny Depp in movie ” What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. After that he never looked back and the famous portrayal of his role as Jack in Movie Titanic made the spotlight move around him. After that his movies like Romeo and Juliet, Catch me if You Can and Gangs of New-York went on to become a blockbuster at the box office and day by day he became the heartthrob of the industry and the king in the million hearts.

2.) Orlando Bloom

One of the most slim and the master of perfect body, Orlando was born on 13 January 1977 and his roles as supporting actor in movie series Pirates of Caribbean brought him in the lime light and since then he went on to gain fame and name. Now in busy with many multi budget movies like New York, I love you, Main Street, he is one of the best and hottest celebrity in the Hollywood. His another movies like The Lords of the ring earned him also the same heights he actually the owner of.

1.) Robert Pattinson

No matter whether he knows acting or not. But his looks and sexy image with a killer smile has made him the sexiest and the hottest celebrity in the list. He became the spot-light of many producers after his role of Edward Cullen in the movie series Twilight. He has actually portrayed a Vampire role which suits his image and his role of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Although many would not recognize him for Diggory but he is famous for being Edward. He was born in England on 13 May 1986.Starting his career as an amateur in roles like Macbeth he went on to start and carve a new pathway for himself to the success.

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