Top 10 Female Celebrities who look Beautiful without Makeup

Beauty is always adored and appreciated. To my perspective, it can be temporary or everlasting but it always gives one a sense of appeal in him/herself. Here, I present to you with a list of actress and celebrities and famous personalities who look enough beautiful to catch your attention even without make up and heavy cosmetics on their faces. Their charm, look, appearance, figure and above all the smile do all and the rest you know, you are over. Here, the list continues.

10.) Jennifer Hudson

One of the most down to earth celebrity is not humble in her nature but the god has bestowed her with the natural beauty which shines even without any make-up on her face. Numerous and frequent interviews are the main reason that a lot of pictures of this celebrities are found which are clicked with a single glimpse of her to the audience. She look even more fresh, without any make-up and look like somebody else. The celebrity is on number 10 in the list of the ones who look good even without makeup.

9.) Reese Witherspoon

This eye charmer and the lead of the movies ” Cruel Intentions”, “This means war” and many hits is on number 9 on the list. She appears to be more charming without makeup. Many may argue against this blonde lady but even being after mother of 2 children, she is still so young looking that guys can fall for. Born on 22 March 1976, this celeb has been a regular eye charmer now in mommy mode actions.

8.) Gabrielle Union

Started acting as a teen actor for many hit flicks, she is athletic build girl and moreover a basket-ball girl who is actually making the boys go mad for her. She is in  real means looks distinguished and much better than in make-up. Having a spot at number 8, she is the daughter of the former dancer and social worker Sylvester Union. Having raised as a Catholic, a very pious and religious girl who has made a life with her own terms and rules.

7.) Ms. Diana Elaine Owens

Also nicknamed as Queen Latifah, she may have many and her own cosmetics under her name, but this is entirely in her case that she prefers going out and to roam without make-up and this is the best part about her that she seems to set the floor on fire just with her single smile. However, it is also said about her that she look great without makeup than one kind of her images with she have on ads and for TVs with makeup.

6.) Rihanna

This lady singer not only sets the stage on fire with her magical and hard rock singing style but also with her charming and cute looking face. This young black lady might be busy singing with a lot of makeup and cosmetics but even in a single party of hours, she manages to look fresh without makeup also. She however manages to be our no.6 girl in the list who look and act as eye-charmer without makeup.

5.) Kareena Kapoor

This Indian girl, sweethearts of many young Indians and dream of almost every boy is a real true beauty in terms of charming face. There are many films in the Bollywood, she acted without makeup and to mention some include “Omkara”, “Qurbaan” and it is said that she is the most beauty industry. Currently hanging out with Saif Ali khan (chhote nawab), Bebo is the number 5 in the list.  She is the only Indian in to the list who can actually give others some competition.

4.) Gwyneth Paltrow

The one and only original classic beauty known to the present era is is Gwyneth Paltrow. This Iron Man starrer movie lady and love interest and associate of Tony Stark is not only his charmer but in true terms a charmer for the entire industry. She is only beauty to be referred as Handsome and whenever anyone talking about any Handsome lady, she is undoubtedly Gwyneth. She appears to be more appealing without make-up than in make-up. Grabbing a spot at number 4 she is one of the best.

3.) Halle Berry

She is the another black beauty who can only dare to even roam and walk on to the streets without make-up. She is in her 40’s and has actually proven her charm to all and a favourite BOND GIRL, is at number 3 in the list. With a perfect figure and absolute charm, she obviously deserves to be allured and adored.

2.) Giesele Bundchen

Many may argue about her being in the list and that too at number 2, but it is her without make-up charm n beauty which make her to grab such a position. This supermodel is better known for her exotic beauty as well as her stunning figure and sex appeal in herself. An ambassador of the UN environmental safety, adds beauty to her nature as well.

1.) Eva Longoria

She is the only lady, whom others want to be alike. She is the only known personality and American TV serial celebrity, whom many tried to recreate the same that she did, but all in vain. Her fresh and newly bloomed appearance all time with or without make-up or simply can be considered that she was never been seen wearing make-up and this is the main reason of her being at the top in the list of the best and also on the covers of the many high profile magazines which are famed worldwide. Having plastered at number1 , she has taken the level from zero to the top.

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