Top 10 Expensive Hair Stylists in Hollywood

Having a haircut is like walking in a park; you simply sit down and have your hair done by a hairstylist. However, in Hollywood having a haircut is way different. In fact, it’s like having your career boosted up to a different level that is why some famous celebrity hairstylist is charging more than the usual amount! Let’s check out the top 10 expensive hair stylists in Hollywood.

Sally Hershberger – $800 Fee

Top 10 Expensive Hair Stylists in Hollywood

Sally made her name when she gave the famous Meg Ryan a haircut. Her famous cut was then called the “Sally Shug” and believe it or not, if you want your hair done by Sally, you must have an $800 cash on hand! She is quite talented and gives models the look needed especially on the “America’s Next Top Model” different cycles.

Garren – $700 Fee

Garren is one of those famous hair stylists that described as being daring and breaks the rules when doing a haircut. He is the stylist behind Sarah Fawcetts straight Charlie’s Angel look and gave Victoria Beckham her pixie look!His current fee is said to be a staggering $700!

Chris McMillan – $600 Fee

If you’re a fan of the sitcom “Friends” then I’m sure you’re familiar with Rachel’s cut right? The man behind Rachel’s look is no other than Chris McMillan way back in 1995. Now, he is also one responsible for Miley Cyrus bob cut hairdo! His talent fee is at $600 making him one of the most expensive hair stylists in Hollywood.

Oscar Blandi – $600 Fee

Oscar has been in the hair styling industry for quite some time now and has done a lot of celebrity makeover! He is famous for doing the hair of Sofia Vergara, Nicole Richie, Jessica Biel, Kelly Ripa, Jessica Alba and Faith Hill. He is multi talented and his cut is worth $600. Not bad for a man who was able to handle a lot of celebrity stars.

Frederic Fekkai – $600 Fee

Fekkai is one of the stylists on Earth because he does not just cut hair of celebs; he also runs a beauty empire! He has a lot of salons and beauty products to market everyday!

Jose Eber – $500 Fee

One of the most trusted hair stylists and an expert in his field, Eber is famous for doing the hair of Elizabeth Taylor. He has done books and managed his own salon back in 2011. His cutting fee is at $500, a reasonable price for the rich and famous who believes in the talent of Eber.

Edward Tricomi – $400 Fee

Famous for the look of Edward Scissorhands, Edward Tricomi is a daring hair stylist who is not just about techniques but more on giving a trademark look. Because of his unique style, he comes in a $400 fee.

Oribe – $400 Fee

Who wouldn’t want to be done by Oribe? He is the famous hair stylist behind Jennifer Lopez look. He has a salon at Miami and if you want his signature style look, simply visit his salon.

Brad Johns – $300

Another trusted name when it comes to hair and beauty in Hollywood is Brad Johns. He is famous for doing the look of James King and Vanessa Redgrave. For a $300 fee, he is definitely one of those with high fees in Hollywood.

Kenneth Battelle – $155

Would you like to be a sex symbol just like Marilyn Monroe? Or maybe you want to follow her hair style? The person behind her look was Kenneth Battelle. Aside from Marilyn, he also did the look of Jackie Kennedy.


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