Top 10 Children Who Changed the World, and made us Proud

There are a large number of children in this whole world who have stand out from others and have done wonders. These hard works which these children have done has made them real super heroes. It is in fact the blessing for most of us are in this league and watch them doing great and amazing works. With the wonderful vision in their mind thee work that they have started have really changed the world in many ways. Here is our list of top ten such children who have worked very hard and have in fact changed the world with their work.

10. Cameron Cohen

Cameron Cohen is a famous Child Programmer who taught world how generous one can be to this world. He was diagnosed with bone tumor at a very young age.  Cameron Cohen after getting operated for his bone tumor donated his application to the Apple App Store to raise funds for the Child Life Program. After his operation when he was at bed rest he learned the C programming language and later developed an app for the Apple named as the iSketch that gives you the opportunity to draw sketches on Apple generated gadget. He is also one of the youngest programmers who have developed application for Apple.

9. Jeneece Place

Jeneece Place is at number ninth spot in our list of the top ten children who have changed the world. This amazing child from United States founded a voluntary foundation that works for the betterment and rights of the children in United States. So many years have passed since the foundation was started and still it is going very strong. This foundation provides space to the families who come from around the world to Victoria for the medical care of their children. The foundation was started by the child Jeneece Place.

8. Iqbal Masih

Iqbal Masih is another young boy in our list. In fact this child was christen and was born on Pakistan. At a very young age of four this kid was forced and kept in a carpet factory. He used to work there and moreover he did work there for around six year. When he was 10 year old he somehow managed to escape from that factory. He later became one of the international figures of the Bonded Labour liberation Front who work for the right of such poor children. He was brutally murdered when he was shot at the age of 12 on 16th April 1995 in Muridke. The United State Congress has also started an award to give respect to this brave kid named as the Iqbal Masih Award to stop child labour.

7. Nkosi Johnson

Nkosi Johnson was born on 4th February 1989 in South Africa. He died at a very young age of 12 as he was born with the deadly HIV/AIDS disease. He is said to one of those kids who survived this long despite of being born with this deadly disease. He came into picture when he was refused admission in school as he was suffering from HIV/AIDS. He then stood up to spread awareness among the people about this disease. Famous South African person Nelson Mandela said that Nkosi Johnson is the icon of the struggle for life. He is one of those people who are in Great South African list. Nkosi’s Heaven is another refuge which was founded by Nkosi Johnson.

6. Samantha Smith

Samantha Reed Smith is a famous American girl who with a short life of only 13 years made a difference in this world. Samantha Reed Smith was born on 29th June 1972 in Houlton, United States. She is a peace activist who became a prominent personality in Soviet Union and the United States in the Cold War era.  At the age of 10 she wrote a letter to CPSU General Secretary. The General Secretary personally responded to her letter was invited to Soviet Union. She was considered as a Goodwill Ambassador who tried to bring people together in that turbulent time. She died on 25th August 1985 in Auburn, United States in a plane crash.

5. Anne Frank

This Jewish girl was born in the year 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. She became a well-known face around the globe when her diary which contained the real life brutal story of her hiding from the Nazi party taking over Netherlands during the Second World War was published. In 1933 she along with her family shifted to Amsterdam. But after the Nazi people attacked the Jewish people she had to hide in order to live for quite a sometime. She could not survive this tragic moment in her life and died in the year 1945. It was his father who got her work published and with the help of this book world came to know about the torture which the Nazi party people did on the people.

4. Dylan Mahalingam

Dylan Mahalingam is another young child in our list. He is one of the co-founder of an International youth empowerment organization which was named as the Lil’ MDGs. The main aim of this organization was to use the media and help children to get involved in United Nation Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Many youth joined his organization and came forward. He was also a youth speaker for the United Nation. Till now his work is still being carried out.

3. Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani citizen who has taught the women to stand out for themselves in such a young age. She is only 15 years old, a school going girl. Malala Yousafzai was born on 12th July 1997 in Mingora which is in Pakistan. She is a youth activist who has raised her voice for the women and children rights in Pakistan. She has been a real strength behind the children and women in the Swat District of Pakistan which is mostly dominated by the Taliban terrorist. She was recently shot by the Taliban terrorist on 9th October 2012. An education fund for children is also started by the name of Malala Education Fund. This girl has also been awarded the International Children’s Peace Prize and also the Pakistan’s National Youth Peace Prize. She has also acted as a BCC blogger.

2. Thandiwe Chama

The second spot in our list is for Thandiwe Chama who is a citizen of Zimbabwe.  She is the recipient of the International Children’s Peace Prize in the year 2007. Her Lusaka’s Chawama Township has been praised by millions of people around the globe. When she was only eight year old her school had no teachers so she along with other 60 small children walked in search of another school. She got motivated by this and started to work of this noble cause. She is fighting from then on for the education of children.

1. Rachel Wheeler

The number Uno spot in our list is for Rachel Wheeler who has done something incredible at such a young age. The girl is only twelve years old and has worked a lot for the betterment of the people which is a very nice step for mankind. She started different fund raising programs and within three years she collected 250,000 US dollars and helped the victims of Haiti who lost their everything in the earthquake. The people living there have named their new village as Rachel’s Village given tribute to this amazing kid



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