Top 10 Actors Who Died Young

There are many actors in the film industry who were extremely talented and full of talent but they could not survive long in this world. We are talking about the actors who left us when they were too young n their age. Had they have been so present they would surly have made a big name in the film industry. So here is our list of the top ten actors who dies at a young age.

10. Jean Harlow

The first name in our list is of the American actor named as Jen Harlow. He was born on 3rd March in Kansas City which is in Missouri, United States. This talented American beauty that died at an age of 26 was also termed as the Sex Symbol in the United States. Because of the platinum blonde hair which she had she was also termed as the Platinum Blonde. Her sudden death because of the kidney failure shocked her fans all over the world. She died on 7th June 1937 in Los Angeles, United States. She was rested at a memorial park based in California. She acted in a number of good movies such as City Lights, Red Dust, Reckless, Hold Your Man, The Girl from Missouri, Bombshell and many more.

9. Rebecca Schaeffer

Rebecca Schaeffer is another actor in our list who left this world at a very young age. She was born in the Eugene town which is in United States on 6th November 1967. She became a known face because of the amazing work she did in the movie My Sister Sam. This talented actor was stalked and then brutally murdered by Robert John Bardo on 18th July 1989 at a very young age of 21. She was rested in the Ahavai Sholom Cemetery. She played major roles in the movies like One Life to Live, Amazing Stories, Radio Days, Out of Time, The End of Innocence and Voyage of Terror.

8. Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is another actor in our list of the top ten actors who died young. Bruce Lee was born on 27th November 1940 in San Francisco, United States. This versatile actor who was also a martial art instructor, director and producer died at a young age of 32 which shocked people from over the world. His father was also an opera actor whose name was Lee Hoi Chuen. He was raised in the city of Kowloon. He acted in some of the most amazing movies of his times such as The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon, The Game of Death and many others. He died because of the cerebral edema on 20th July 1973 in Hong Kong. His was rested in a cemetery based in Washington, United States.

7. Brandon Lee

Brandon Bruce Lee was born on 1st February 1965 in California, United States and was one of the most versatile actors of his time. He was the son of great American actor Bruce Lee who too died at a young age. This American actor died on 31st March 1993 at an age of only 28 in North Carolina, United States. He was rested at Lakeview Cemetery which is in Seattle, Washington. He acted in the movies named as Crime Killer, Legacy of Rage, Laser Mission, Rapid Fire, The Crow and many more. He also acted in some of the television shows named as Kung Fu and Ohara.

6. Sharon Tate

Sharon Tate was a beautiful American actress who acted in the many movies named as Barabbas, The Beverly Hillbillies, Mister Ed, The Americanization of Emily, Eye of the Devil, The Fearless Vampire Killers, Don’t Make Waves, Valley of the Dolls, Rosemary’s Baby, The Wrecking Crew and others. She was born on 24th January 1943 in Texas, United States. She left this world at an age of only 26 in Los Angeles, United States. She was brutally murdered by an unknown person who stabbed her to death and claimed to be the followers of Charles Manson. The saddest part is that she was almost nine month pregnant when she was murdered. She was rested in Holy Cross Cemetery.

5. Brad Renfro

Brad Renfro is another American actor who died at a young age of just 25. He started his acting career at a very young age of 11. He was born on 25th July in Tennessee, United States. The cause of this amazing actor was reported to be the Heroin overdose. He left all of us on 15th July 2008 in California, United States. He acted in many movies which are named as The Client, Tom and Huck, The Cure, Sleepers, Telling Lies in America, Apt Pupil, Skipped Parts, Happy Campers, Bully, Tart, Ghost World, American Girl, Deuces Wild, The Informers, The Jacket, The Job, Hollywood Flies and many more.

4. Aaliyah

This beautiful left this world when she was only 22 years old. Her birth name was Aaliyah Dana Haughton and she was born on 16th January 1979 in New York, United States. Apart from being an actor, she was also one of the famous singer and model. The spent her childhood in Detroit, Michigan. She acted in the movie named as Star Search, New York Undercover, Romeo Must Die, Queen of the Damned and The Matrix Reloaded. She also released her album by the name of One in a Million and Aaliyah along with some other. She died on 25th August 2001 in Abaco Island which is in Bahamas. Her funeral was carried out in the New York City.

3. River Phoenix

River Phoenix is another American actor and musician who dies at an age of just 23. This amazing creature was born on 23rd August 1970 in Oregon, United States. He acted in a number of movies in an incredible careen which lasted for around 11 years. Explorer, Stand by Me, The Mosquito Coast, little Nikita, Running on Empty, I Love You to Death, Dogfight, My Own Private Idaho, Sneakers, The Thing Called Love, Silent Tongue and Dark Blood are some of the movies in which he acted. He died on 31st October 1993 in West Hollywood which is in California because of the heart failure.

2. James Dean

James Dean is at the number second spot in our list of the top ten actors who died at a very young age. He was born on 8th February 1931 in Indiana, United States. This extremely talented American actor was in fact the first person to be awarded the prestigious Academy Award for Best Actor. His most popular movies that were praised by the people all over the world were Giant, East of Eden and Rebel without a Cause. He died in an accident that happened on 30th September 1955 when he was just 24 years old in California, United States.

1. Jayne Mansfield

The top most name in the list of the actors who died at a very young age is of Jayne Mansfield. This American beauty was born on 19th April 1933 in Pennsylvania. At a mere age of 34 she lost her life in a car accident that happened in Louisiana, United States. She was rested at Fairview Cemetery which is in her birth town Pennsylvania. Many books and biographies has been written and published on this American Actress.

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