Top 10 Reasons Why Venezuela Has Won Many Beauty Pageant Crowns

Many people have all the luck; in the same way, there are countries that have all the luck most especially when it comes to beauty pageant. This happens true in the case of Venezuela, a country in South America which is not only known for its beautiful people but for its record of being one of the countries that have produced many beauty queens in the history of beauty pageants like Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, and many others. Venezuela’s luck in joining different international beauty contests can be attributed to the following top 10 reasons.

10. The people of Venezuela are happy.

Based from the survey conducted by the World Values, people in Venezuela are the home of many contented people. As a matter of fact, 55% of the Venezuelans who were asked about it said they are indeed “very happy”.

9. The people of Venezuela are exotic.

Currently, Venezuela has a population of 28 million and it is known as the melting pot of different races and nationalities. This of course results in the creation of unique and interesting offspring. Some of the ethnic groups forming wonderful people in Venezuela include Italians, Portuguese, Germans, Arabs, Africans, Spanish, and other indigenous ethnic groups. In fact, 60% of the Venezuelans are considered as “mestizos” and “mestizas”.

8. People in Venezuela live in a diverse, beautiful nation.

Venezuela is known for its natural beauty which consists of snow-capped mountains, amazon jungles, and it’s heartwarming and splendid beaches. These are the things that surely enhance the beauty and confidence of Venezuela’s beauty contenders.

7. They appreciate and love natural beauty.

Venezuelans are known to be keen aesthetes. The beautiful and bedazzling fauna, flora, the Angel Falls, the diverse wildlife, and the thousands of unique plant species are the things that perk up the inner and outer beauty of the Venezuelan women.

6. Venezuelans usually live near the sea and the beach.

About 73% of the Venezuelan people live near the sea and beaches. As a result, their skin looks tan, with beautiful and athletic beach bodies, as well as tousled and honeyed locks.

5. They are mostly Roman Catholic.

Surveys say that about 92% to 96% of the people in Venezuela are Catholics. This simply means that morality is highly observed in this country and morality according to the bible is one of the best things that make women truly beautiful.

4. Venezuelans have great weather.

In Venezuela, climatic variations are not a big issue. In fact, it has only the wet and dry seasons, so they always find time to tan their skin on the beach.

3. They have a wealthy cultural heritage.

Venezuela is not only known for its large oil reserves but for its arts and cultural heritage as well.

2. The name “Venezuela” was derived from one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world.

It was in 1499 when Christopher Columbus came to the country and named it as “Venezuela” (Little Venice) because of the little huts in the coastline, reminding him about the Venetian homes in his hometown.

1. Venezuelans are simply keen about beauty pageants.

Venezuelans hold an annual beauty contest entitled Miss Venezuela and this has started in 1952. Every year, most people in the country watch the said pageant.

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