Top 10 Weirdest Lady Gaga Outfits

Lady Gaga is one of the weirdest artists of all time. She has proven her talents when it comes to singing, dancing, performing and above all fashion! Yes, her fashion sense is so out of this world that you just can’t help but ask if is she for real? Let’s check out the top 10 weirdest outfits of Lady Gaga.

Bloody Red Lace Dress

Top 10 Weirdest Lady Gaga Outfits

Lady Gaga’s red laced gown is one of the most unforgettable. With her red face mask and red crown that matches her red laced dress, no one could top the weirdness in this outfit. This dress was worn back in 2009 on MTV Music Awards when she accepted here award that was presented by Eminem.

Meat Dress

The unforgettable meat dress of lady gaga was worn back in 2010 during the MTV VMA. Despite being condemned by most animal rights group, the weird dress was still considered as the fashion statement of the said year, 2010.

Bubble Machine Dress

One of her controversial and weirdest dress, Lady Gaga wore this bubble machine dress in London which leaves a trail of bubbles in wherever path she walks in.

Black Veil with Outside Undies

Another head turning outfit was the black dramatic Erickson Beamon veil worn by Lady Gaga, paired with a cotton hair, corset shorts and a pink bra that is worn outside. A messy looking outfit that will really puzzle you of what were she thinking when she put the outfit altogether.

Kermit the Frog Outfit

You will be stunned seeing her in her Kermit the frog coat which she wore during a German television show! This coat was designed by Jean Charles de Castelbajac and definitely made some headlines.

Hello Kitty Outfit

Lady Gaga has proven to everyone she can wear just about anything weird and as an added collection she also wore a Hello Kitty dress. It’s not just an ordinary Hello Kitty dress, its too much Hello Kitty stuff in one piece to honour the characters 35th birthday. The dress was full of Hello Kitty faces from head to toe including her shoe and belt.

See Through Nun Outfit

To blow your minds off, Lady Gaga wore a see through outfit made of rubber when she performed at the Atlantic City and to top the see through outfit, she even paired it with a nun’s habit! The outfit spiked controversy but who cares, it’s her normal style anyway.

Bubble Wrap Dress

If you think wearing her bubble machine dress is weird, then Lady Gaga has something more to offer. She has also worn a bubble wrap dress/coat.

White Bunny Abstract Costume

Aside from bubbles and puppets, Lady Gaga also took a chance on wearing a white abstract bunny outfit and a face mask with its shoulders exaggerated and its hips.

Doily Outfit

Of course, the Doily outfit must not be forgotten. This outfit was worn in a concert held in Tokyo while wearing a giant loofah hat. If you think Lady Gaga has run out of ideas, then think again. She’s just too mental and imaginative she will never run out of weird ideas for an outfit.

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