Top 10 Unheard things about Steve Jobs, Apple Founder

Steve Jobs is one of the founders of Apple Inc. which is now the biggest electronic company in the world. He experienced many ups and downs in his life and contributed to bring this company to this level. But he unfortunately died in October 2011 due to pancreatic cancer. Here are some facts about Steve’s thoughts, family and life which are quite unheard till date.


Steve Jobs was neither poor nor bankrupt but still he did not believe in giving money as charity or helping any charitable institutions. His intelligence and different thinking paved his way to success and finally he became the CEO of Apple. He sometimes used to donate for philanthropic programs but after reaching to such a great height he even stopped that. Jobs always wished to remain out all the matters concerning charity and always answered needy to wait till they are profitable.


Jobs dated a folk singer Joan Baez for the first time in his 20’s. Soon after the date a rumor had spread all around revealing that Jobs had a fling with Baez. During his MBA from Stanford Business School, Jobs met Laurene Powell and the two married in 1991 solemnized in the presence of Kobin Chino, a Zen Buddhist monk. Jobs kept his marriage out of public’s eye. And soon he became the father of three children. But when Jobs was of 23, he and his high school girl friend Chris Ann Brennan conceived a daughter named Lisa Brennan Jobs.


Pescetarians are not technically vegetarians but are those who abstain from eating all meat and animal flesh with the exception of fish. Steve Jobs was a kind of pescetarian. It is believed that he chose this way because of his interest in Buddhist teachings. He used to eat all the things a vegetarian eats including eggs and dairy products.  PETA praised Jobs for his vegetarianism and his support of animals. Jobs followed this kind of diet for many years but still his actual diet plan is not openly known.


This is one the strange fact about Steve Jobs that he was a Zen Buddhist. Steve had immense faith in the teachings of his guru, Kobin Chino, a Zen monk. His guru married him and his wife. Jobs belief in Buddhism was so deep that he even thought of joining a monastery. His strong religiousness made him to think of becoming a monk. He stated in some of his interviews that he feels very relieved while sitting with Zen group. Since Buddhism is all about non-attachment, pain and devotion, it was difficult for the people to believe that one of the world’s wealthiest people is also a serious Buddhist.


Steve jobs was in great anger after the launch of HTC’s 2010 Android phone on Google platform. The main reason behind this as stated in the Walter Issacson’s Steve Jobs Biography is the features. Android contains many features which were already present in iPhone. Jobs even had a meeting with Google’s Eric Schmidt warning him to stop using their ideas in Android. He also stated that he can spend every single penny of Apple to right this wrong. He told that this ‘stolen product’ force him to wish for a big thermonuclear war among both the companies.


The biggest psychological history of Steve Jobs that is uncommon among people is that he suffered from dyslexia that is he was not able to read, write and understand the characters easily. Other than this he was also a psychedelic. Jobs started using a LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) drug from a very younger age. He found it as one of the most important thing he had done in his life. He believed that his innate intelligence combined with the LSD brought him out of normal frame of reference and developed a unique perspective of thinking.


Steve in his 20’s when was gathering information about his estranged parents he also came to know about his sister Mona Simpson. She is a very renowned and a successful novelist. They both were lived as strangers till 90’s though they worked in completely different areas like one was into technology while other is an author.  In her first novel, ‘Anywhere But Here’, she wrote about her relationship with her parents and it was the party for the success of this book which gave a chance to both brother and sister to meet for the first time. Mona dedicated this book to her brother Steve. And later, Jobs used to tell a something about both of them in his interviews.


Despite of superb inventions in mobile technology Steve Jobs also innovated a Pong like video game ‘BREAKOUT’ in 1975 which was most loved by first generation Atari users. A very good friend of Steve Jobs named Steve Wozniak helped him in his challenge. Jobs was offered 750 dollars for this game work. In addition to it there was possibility of extra $100 for each chip eliminated from the game’s final design.  Atari gave extra 5,000 dollars as bonus to Wozniak for his good prototype’s design but Jobs gave him only $375 and lied to him.


After completing his graduation from high school Homestead High School in Cupertino, California, Steve Jobs joined Portland’s Reed College in 1972 as a Liberal Art Student. Though he was financially very week he was dropped from college just after the completion of one semester that is only six months. Jobs forced his parents to admission him to that college but unfortunately his day-by-day reduced interest towards books and financial constraints took him out of Reed College. But Steven found a very good friend Steve Wozniak (another dropped out fellow) and they both together started Apple. Steven led a very poor life during this period as he stated in the 2005 commencement at Stanford University.


Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California. As an infant, he was put up for adoption and soon he was adopted by a working couple named Clara and Paul Jobs residing within California’s Silicon Valley. His adoptive mother Clara worked as an accountant while Paul Jobs was a Coast Guard expert and a laser company machinist. They gave him the name ‘Steven Paul Jobs’. At a very early childhood age, Jobs developed a hobby of working with electronic gadgets. Class mates of Steve were afraid of him because during the school days Steve had weird nature as he used to leave snakes and bombs in classrooms. Still he was known for his intelligence and innovation all the time. At the age of 26, he discovered that his birth parents were Abdul Fattah John Jandali and Joanne Simpson. His estranged mother was a speech therapist while father was a Syrian political science professor.

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