Top 10 Unforgettable Cougar Celebrities

When we say cougar, it is basically defined as an older woman who is linked to a younger guy for sexual purposes or probably emotional reasons. In Hollywood, men and women doesn’t look like their age, they tend to look younger and prettier the older they get and no wonder cougar relationship is like a trend. Here are the top 10 Cougars in Hollywood.

Top 10 Unforgettable Cougar Celebrities

Demi Moore

Of all cougar relationships, only one woman stands out who was able to attract a young man 15 years younger than her, that is no other than Demi Moore. Indeed, Demi is very pretty, attractive and talented. No wonder their 15 years age gap wasn’t an issue to Ashton Kutcher. Unfortunately, the relationship ended.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey married Nick Cannon despite their 10 years age gap. Luckily for the couple, it seems that they’re going on the right track with 2 Kids who are twins in their lives.

Tyra Banks

Tyra is quite seductive too and young men find her magnetic. With her recently public smooch with the young rapper Bow wow, she definitely falls in the list of cougars. Her boy toy model Rob Evans who is much younger than her is a proof that Tyra is indeed a cougar.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t look her age too and when it comes to energy, she is definitely oozing with energy. No wonder she was able to hook up with her dancer Casper Smart who is much younger than her of 19 years!

Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox is also branded as one of the cougars in Hollywood when she married her ex husband David Arquette who is younger than her of 8 years.

Deborah Lee Furness

Do you know who Deborah Lee Furness is? Some don’t because she’s a low profile actress who married Hugh Jackman despite their 13 years age gap. They’ve been married since 1996 which makes them up until now very close and in love with each other.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron was branded as a flirt when she was found flirting with Robert Pattinson. The issues didn’t really kicked off however she’s still part of the cougar list because of her previous relationship with Justine Timberlake.


Madonna is quite a cougar herself too with her choice getting younger and younger right after an ended relationship. Her ex husband Guy Ritchie was said to be younger than her for 9 yrs. Her next relationship was with her dancer Brahim Zaibat who is even younger than her previous partner!

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon is a beautiful and classy actress and her taste in men is simply exotic! The age gap is quite big and after her 1st cougar relationship with 12 years gap with Tim Robbins, she managed to have a new love interest for an even younger man.

Sharon Stone

Of course, who could forget Sharon Stone? She is fond of dating men younger than her age and they’re not just the typical men, they’re models with great looks! Indeed, Sharon Stone still has what it takes to compete with young women!

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