Top 10 Stars with Unusual Hobbies

Even famous celebrities have bits and pieces of information that is not so known to the world. Unless it is a scandal, it remains hidden for a long time unless someone decides to dig about those things. See the following list to know the top ten stars that have a different compared to most of us.

10. Mila Kunis loves World of Warcraft. This does not sound unusual to teens because they are familiar with the game especially the boys. However, you do not expect that a beautiful actress such as Kunis has a passion for this game.

9. Leonardo Dicaprio is a collector of action figures. That’s right! Dicaprio has a collection of the rare He-Man figure in the year 1982. He definitely prides himself in this but the Star Wars figures shares the limelight of his He-Man collection. Who would think that the dashing debonair has a passion for that?

8. Beyonce is fond and good at a classic game. This internationally known live performer knows how to be on top not only in the terms of her career but for the 1974 Milton Bradley Game Connect Four as well. It is said that she defeated Kanye West in this game way back in the year 2008.

7. Tom Hanks loves classic memorabilia. The children of today might not recognize what a typewriter is. The machine that was once widely used by people can only be seen in museums and antique shops. Tom however has his own collection of vintage typewriters.

6.  Angelina Jolie has a formidable collection of daggers. Picture her once more in her Tomb Raider movie or Salt and you would think that her hobby suits her well. The actress said that she got her first set of daggers when she was 11 or 12 years old.

5. Ben Stiller is a certified fan of Star Trek. The comedy actor is not afraid to show to the world that he is a huge fan of Star Trek. He said that it started when he was still a kid and today, he would even appear in public wearing his Trekkie costume.

Stars with Unusual Hobbies Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller

4. Justin Bieber is a geek.Let us take a break from all the scandals involving Justin Bieber and his alleged bad behavior in public. This young pop star conquered the hearts of teens around the world with his music. But hold on! He has another talent that could make all his fans fall head over heels for him. This boy solved a Rubik’s cube on national TV for only 84 seconds!

3. Tom Cruise influenced Will Smith and David Beckham to acquire his hobby. Tom Cruise loves fencing but he eventually influenced other big stars to take on the sport. The other two would go to his home where they would enjoy themselves by fencing.

2. Quentin Tarantino is not brutal in real life. You may have known this man through his movies showing artistic brutality, but that do not reflect anything regarding his hobby. His passion lies in everything that has to do with films.

1. Susan Sarandon is definitely into ping pong. She is one of the owners of the table tennis social club and an advocate of a table tennis organization.

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