Top 10 Reasons Why the Olsen Twins are the Best

When it comes to popularity, it is undeniable that the Olsen twins are one of those twins in Hollywood who are highly in demand. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are the powerful stars who can easily influenced teens and adults on what to wear and what not to wear. What makes them so popular and well loved is not a question for their personalities are simply magnetic. Here are the top 10 reasons why the Olsen twins are best.

Top 10 Reasons Why the Olsen Twins are the Best

They Grew Up in Front of the Camera

The Olsen twins basically grew up in front of the camera. They have started their full house show since they were 9 months and from then on they have sky rocketed. Unlike other Hollywood stars, the twins never ceased to impress viewers of the show and eventually lands on other showbiz gigs which made them even popular and liked by the people. Growing up in front of the camera simply boosts their wonderful personalities and since then has been doing things in front of the media.

They are Cool

The Olsen twins are simply cool. They’ve been making teen movies that most teens find cool and fun. Because of their movies, their brand as Mary-Kate and Ashley has since then been associated with coolness. No wonder teenagers and young adults of this generation find the twins very influential.

They are Rich

Growing up with tons of projects, left and right has generated enough money for the Olsen twins. This is why the sisters have created a billion dollar company. Because of their hard work they gained great friends, they are surrounded by influential people making them more popular and highly in demand.

They are Classy

Who wouldn’t want to be associated with a classy lady? The twins certainly have the classy feel and look because you won’t often see them party just anywhere. Everything they do, wear and wherever they go they represent their brand. The twins are certified classy people that is why some considers them the best twins ever in Hollywood. You simply won’t see them doing trashy things around.

They are Great in Terms of Business

Another reason why the Olsen twins are considered the best is the fact that they run a good business. They possess qualities which are perfect for business! You can seldom see young adults capable of running a company that is billion dollar worth. They basically work every day to enhance their career and potential in terms of business yet they never fail to look good.

They are Low Profile

One good reason why the twins are the best is because they’re low profile. You won’t see them partying with other young Hollywood stars until dawn and you won’t see them drinking till they drop. Despite running a billion dollar business, they still managed to be low profile. No wonder the twins have a lot of fans, they are just magnetic.

They Party Moderately

Partying for most young Hollywood stars is their priority. However, the Olsen Twins are picky when it comes to what party to attend. They only go to high class party where they can benefit and run their business as usual. They don’t stay until dawn and if they do, they’re not that drunk.

Their Confidence is Oozing

The Olsen twins are also the best because they are oozing of confidence. They’re beautiful by simply wearing less make-up and don’t need to undergo surgical procedures to enhance their looks. They are just as natural as they can which made them a good role model to every teen out there.

They Both Have Beautiful Looks

Less make-ups, wavy curls, no surgical enhancements and above all greats smiles are what the twins go for which made their looks more beautiful. They have a natural look that they maintain and teens love it.

They are Fashionistas

The Olsen twins are tycoons when it comes to fashion. Their brands are affordable, stunning and not over the top. Their brands are simply made for women and men who want to look good in their own simple ways. This is why the twins are highly regarded when it comes to fashion and when it comes to their own style and brands of clothes; they truly have tastes for Chanel and other expensive brands.

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