Top 10 Most Overrated Hollywood Stars

Acting is not as easy as it appears, because shedding off one’s inhibitions and keeping themselves in the character’s place and behaving accordingly is very difficult. It is a form of art filled with beautiful expressions and naturalism. Some actors and actresses have justified this art whereas others have either failed terribly or faded away slowly after starting nicely. Therefore, in this reference, here are few Hollywood stars that are highly overrated.

10. Cameron Diaz

She is surviving on the biggest weapon of her life, her looks. It does everything for her. Even though she had been a Golden Globe nominee, the reality is that she plainly mesmerizes by her looks and speaks out the lines. Perhaps, this justifies the absence of a legendary performance by her yet.

9. Dwayne Johnson

He is one of the greatest additions of horrible actors in Hollywood. He was a superstar in WWE and it would have been best if he stayed there. Even though shockingly his films did very well, he definitely doesn’t deserve the overwhelming attention for his acting.

8. Lindsay Lohan

Her troubled life and reckless attitude appears in her acting too. One just can’t feel that smoothness and naturalism in her acting, hence never showed a masterful performance.

7. Jennifer Lopez

Everything about her acting is a waste of precious time. She appears to be cold and emotionless in every condition and so, no one can relate to the story of the movie through her, which a great actor or actress must possess.

6. Katherine Heigl

She is an actress with no variations, dimensions and ranges. Whatever role she is playing, her audiences are confirmed of only one expression totally stagnant.

5. Adam Sandler

He is funny but not the greatest comedian like he is seen as. After seeing his movies for quite a long period of time, one is bound to get saturated and not take any more of his baseless jokes.

4. Scarlett Johansson

She started her film career greatly by producing back to back Bafta and Golden Globe performances, but then she just sank in and never came back. Even though she woos everyone in the industry and obviously her audiences with her gifted good looks and impeccable body, her acting now fails her miserably.

Hollywood Stars

3. George Clooney

No doubt he is a terrific actor, but is definitely an exaggerated actor. No doubt he deserved to win Oscars and Golden Globe awards but not worth to be regarded as the greatest especially in the presence of other legends like Morgan Freeman, Anthony Hopkins, Robert De Niro and many more, considering that there are no variations in his performance.

2. Tom Cruise

He produced some great performances but then just like Scarlett Johansson, totally disappeared. In fact, he is now in the news due to the end of his high-profile marriage with actress Katie Holmes but that definitely has got nothing to do with his acting career.

1. Angelina Jolie

A strong actress with nice dimension but sometimes it is unbearable for one to take the constant and unnecessary focus on her famous lips and the flaunting of her sex appeal all the time. There is not a single movie where these have been avoided and instead her pure acting talent has been shown. She is undoubtedly good but not the best.

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