Top 10 Most Fashionable Football Stars

Fashion shows one’s personality and character through their dresses and the way they look. This is something which has mesmerized everyone from all walks of life and not just fashion designers or models. Over the decades we have seen how sportspersons, entrepreneurs, television personalities, business persons and others have contributed to this world and are continuing to do so.

Football being the most popular sport in the whole world has many fashionable players in it. Women are more than just charmed by them and apart from their football skills they have managed to win hearts through their fashion sense too. In this reference, here are some names.

10. Michael Ballack

Considered as one of the best looking players, this former German player has always been fashionable. His style lied in his composure and sex appeal which was intensified by his awesome body. His most favorite attire has always been simple shirt or T-shirt with leather jackets.

9. Fernando Torres

The Spanish forward is also quite good looking especially with his super cute smile. He has never had a strong and rugged body but still managed to look sexy. Other than his excellent football, he has done various modeling for Pepe Jeans and Nike.

8. Frank Lampard

This English midfielder with his blue and dreamy eyes has broken many hearts. Other than being his current club, Chelsea’s all time most goal scorer, he is very stylish both on and off the field. He maintains his spiky hairs always and rocks the leather jackets and casuals on the streets.

7. Gonzalo Higuain

The Napoli star grabbed the spotlight in the last football world cup and that was not only because of his playing skills but also for his stylishness. Due to his mixed culture of French and Argentine, he has got a very fresh look which is very attractive. He doesn’t need anything but the jerseys to show that he is fashionable.

6. Thierry Henry

The irresistible thing about this former French player has been his killer smile and silent attitude. He did many advertisements and has proved every time that he is basically stylish because he is that from inside.

5. David Luiz

This heavenly good looking Brazilian defender has got the coolest hairstyle as his hair looks like a sparrow’s nest. However, with his fair body color and cute dimple filled smile, he has definitely engraved his name as one of the fashionable stars in football.

4. David Villa

The Spanish highest goal scorer, who was the star in Spain’s maiden world cup victory in 2010, has been stunning forever. His trademark beard which appeared more as a tiny spot on the chin has been idolized by many boys around the world. His hairstyle which saw massive spikes to punks to everything trendy has also been very popular. He is one of the few footballers who have retained his sex appeal even after fatherhood.

Foot Ball Star

Most Fashionable Football Stars

3. Neymar

The bad boy of football has amazed the world with various hairstyles like punk to spikes to something weird that saw him having hair following the middle line on his head and the sides shaved off and also colors from blonde to golden brown to deep brown to the current black. His style accompanied with his excellent football skills has earned him massive recognition from everywhere.

2. David Beckham

Words are not enough to describe him. He was and is still the darling of football and fashion. Posing in sexy boxers and under wears with his wife, for Armani and sporting awesome tattoos has made him memorable along with his gorgeous looks.

1. Christiano Ronaldo

The most fashionable and hot footballer right now is undoubtedly this Portuguese forward. He has got the looks, the hairstyle, the body, the football skills, the dressing sense and the perfect girlfriend too. He has got the ultimate package.

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