Top 10 Infamous Celebrities

Being famous is easy, but what is difficult is to adapt to the constant attention of the world and yet hold onto that popularity. It is most important for one to have patience in this. Some achieve success in this and some don’t, hence, here are a few people who failed badly.

10. Kim Kardashian

This reality TV star rose to fame after her 2007 sex video with musician Ray J was leaked. Even though she filed a suit against Vivid Entertainments for buying ownership of the tape by $1million and converting it into a movie, later she ended the suit and came to terms with Vivid with a $5million. This gained her a number of haters, who considered her deed to be degrading.

9. Paris Hilton

An American socialite, heiress and many more, is yet another achiever of fame due to her sex tape. Prior to the release of her debut television show, the video was leaked and eventually watched by 13 million people. However, much to her disappointment, it brought her hatreds.

8. Hugh Grant

His blue dreamy eyes and charming smile won many hearts but his unruly conduct in a public place with Hollywood harlot ‘Divine Brown’ on June 27, 1995 gifted him with many haters too.

7. Chris Brown

This famous singer and dancer jeopardized his career in 2009 when by getting involved in a heated argument with his then lover, also a singer Rihanna, attacked her, leaving the latter to have clear facial bruises that needed hospitalization. He was restricted from entering the UK and his songs scheduled to be played on many radio stations were too canceled.

6. Simon Cowell

Widely famous in the UK and U.S.A as a talent judge for talent shows, he has always been hated by almost everyone for his too direct and painful comments. Recently, it was reported that he was involved in adultery with his friends’ wife and is expecting a baby with her.

5. Kanye West

Struggles and controversies had always encompassed this hip-hop artist and songwriter’s life. He has been criticized widely by the media for his outbursts at award shows if he didn’t win an award he was nominated for. However, he showed the most horrible behavior during the 2009 VMA’s when he restricted country singer, Taylor Swift from completing her acceptance speech after winning an award claiming that she didn’t deserve it.

4. Justin Bieber

This teen pop star is infamous for his reckless, bad mouth and irresponsible character. Be it showing wrong gestures to paparazzi or bad driving, he is into everything. However, the recent shock was when a little quantity of marijuana was found in his tour bus, even though the police couldn’t find the connection with ‘an’ individual and so didn’t arrest him.


3. Kristen Stewart

She was termed as ‘bitch’ by the passionate and loyal “Twilight” movie series’ fans from all around the world after the paparazzi caught her in intimate conditions with director Rupert Sanders, with whom she was shooting a film, while she was already in a long-term relationship with Robert Pattinson, the hero of “Twilight”.

2. Tiger Woods

The most famous golfer in the world suffered a pathetic downfall after series of women confessed to having affairs with him, while he was still married. This led to a breakdown of his marriage and a hiatus in his golfing career, till his comeback in 2010.

1. Lance Armstrong

He was like an asset to America with his fantastic cycling career and ability to fight cancer. However, he fell from grace totally when he was found involved in a doping scandal throughout his career and his 7 “Tour de France” titles were taken away from him.

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