Top 10 Celebrities who died in Car Crashes

10. Lisa Lopes


She is a member of the R&B group TLC. Lopes, also known as Left Eye, was famous for her stage presence which would be colorful. She also wore a condom patch over her left eye, which attracted a lot of controversy. Her death in an SUV crash on April 25, 2002 came as a shock to her fans.

9. Steve Prefontaine


Steve Prefontaine was a legendary track star who reached a level few others were fortunate enough to even dream of. In the 1970s, he set numerous records for Oregon University. He was hoping for a call up for the Olympics when his MG convertible collided with another car, killing him on the spot.

8. Billy Martin


There were two things Billy Martin as a big league manager was famous for: his blistering temper and his ability to turn laughable teams into competitors. He was travelling home at the age of 61 drunk in the truck of his friend William Reedy. The car crashed and killed Martin.

7. PorfirioRubirosa


PorfirioRubirosa was the last of the great playboys and spent his days being a diplomat from Dominica, a polo player and a race-car driver. The ladies’ man died in the summer of 1965 when his Ferrari crashed into a tree. He, just like Billy Martin, was on the way home drunk after partying in a Paris nightclub.

6. Jackson Pollock


His style of painting was so special, it was even given a name: drip. He was a called a genius by his supporters while at the same time, his critics described him as “brainless”. It doesn’t matter what you make of him. The fact is that this person left a mark (no pun intended) in the world of art. He died in Springs, NY in 1956 in another alcohol-related car crash.

5. General George S. Patton


General Patton is frequently referred to as one of the most successful commanders in history. He received the Distinguished Service Award and a Purple Heart to go with it during World War I. His Cadillac crashed in 1945 and he was rushed to the hospital where he succumbed to his wounds.

4. Jayne Mansfield


With amazingly good looks and an equally vivacious personality, Mansfield was the American sex symbol in the 1950s. She starred in many films including The Wayward Bus. The star was killed instantly when she rear-ended a tractor-trailer in her car.

3. Princess Grace Kelly


Princess Grace Kelly was the real life version of a fairytale. She was one of the hottest Hollywood stars in the 1950s. She was driving to here house in Monaco when she suffered a stroke and lost control of the car. She died the next day at the age of 52.

2. Princess Diana


She came into the spotlight after marrying Prince Charles in 1981. She remained at the center of different media stories for a good chunk of her royal life. She was killed on August 31, 1997 after her car crashed into a pillar.

1.James Dean


James Dean was known for his role in three major Hollywood films including Rebel Without a Cause. On September 30, 1955 he was driving his Porsche to a race in Salinas, California. His car collided with another car and a promising acting career was cut short.

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