Top 10 Most Deadly Guns in the World

Guns: The most deadly of all weapons and the hot favorite of all are Guns. They have some fascination in them which have been alluring everyone for a very long time. In the history of Gun Making, there are many guns which have surprised the world, with its capability, style and texture, but a few of them are the deadliest in a way such that they can be the best thing for any massacre. For the following section of writing, I have compiled some of the best and deadliest guns of all time.

10.) FN 2000 Assault Rifle

The classic and the best gun, actually rifle in the field of weapons is FN 2000 Assault Rifle. Having its origin and designing from Belgium. It was designed by F.N. Hesrtal and for which it is known FN and it was first made public for watch out at a defense exhibition in Abu Dhabi. It is a very high technology, gas employed gun which can be operated automatic and having a bull pup layout makes it the best in this class. The weight of the gun is around 3.8 kilograms and with a implemented NATO box magazine, it can fire of a total 30-round at a time with 5.56*45 ammunition.

9.) Kalashnikov AK 47

One of the class of AK 47 rifle, this is a gas operated automated rifle especially made for modern warfare. It was designed in United States of Soviet republic (USSR) by Mikhail Kalashnikov. Having it name implemented by its inventor, the designing of rifle dates back to World War II during 1939-1945 during the warring reign of Hitler. A very highly accurate, and compact rifle is best in the class ranked at number 2 in the list. It is best in opening fire because of it unbelievable rate of 580 rounds in a minute. All can be said about it, just R.I.P.

8.) Heckler Koch HK MG4

Basically a kind of machine gun, This weapon was made by a German Company Heckler & Koch and it was issued publicly in September 2001. Firstly also known as MG 43, it has different class of its own weighing in ranges of 8.2 kg to 9.0kg. In fact a heavy weapon, comes with a tripod stand for the use. It also makes use of 5.56*45 mm NATO cartridge and can fire at a whooping and a staggering rate of 900 bullets in a minute. The best weapon of destruction, a kind of gun always seen used in Bond Movies by goons or even Bonds in case of any problems. 😉 😉

7.) Thompson M1921 Machine Gun

A semi machine gun because of it triggering speed of firing round per minute. It has a tremendous capacity to fire at a rate of ranging from 600 rounds to 1200 rounds in a minute. Comes with a handy automatic modes, this uses a 0.45 A-C-P cartridge. It has a range of compact but accurate 60 meters only. Available in almost more than 9 variants in the market, one of the best and handy gun to be used by anybody. Generally used an safety purpose can be found at the place of retired generals and Businessmen.

6.) MG3 machine-gun

The Gun is said to have it design origin back in World War II during 1939-1945. Its design is originally from the earlier version MG machine gun MG . It comes with a 7.62*51 mm NATO cartridge and having weight around 13kg. It is a manually recoil operated gun with a firing speed of 1200-1400 rounds in a minute. Because of its heavy weight, the gun comes with a tripod for field use, making it easy to be used for warfare and during wars to trap incoming enemies. During war and reign of terror, the best to be used as a remotely located gun and opening fires at enemies.

5.) Accuracy International AS50

A kind of light sniper rifle. It was first made by a British Company based on FIREARMS weapons, Accuracy International. It is a kind of self-semi-automated rifle with a highly effective and accurate range of more than 1800 meters. There is a 0.50 B-M-G cartridge in it which can make 5 rounds for every fraction of almost gaping 1.6 seconds. It is easily usable and ultra-lightweight gun is quite easy to install and easy to transport even in hands with its safe. A kind of secret assassin. It is the most famous among the silent and killers working as silent assassins or HIT MAN.

4.) DSR-Precision DSR 50 Sniper Rifle

This weapon was made by DSR Precision. It is weighed around 11 kg and there is a 0.50 BMG cartridge in it. A kind of lightening bolt-action rifle, comes with a installed single helical pod, a movable and adjustable  resting for cheek  and a magazine holder. The magnification is quite clear and so accurate that this is a best weapon for assassins and killers. The range of the opening fire is also great and quite appreciating.

3.) XM307 ACSW Machine Gun

A very heavy machine gun in the list, is XM-307. It has a very high accuracy even for more than a range of 2500 yards. Actually a kind of dual human operated gun, that it can’t be used single. It is used by two people so that adjustments can be made by one and other can open fire at the enemies in the war. One of the best action-bolt and its operation is based on gas. It was however banned in year 2007 for some unknown and odd reasons which is yet mysterious and unexplained.

2.) UZI machine gun

The most famous class of machine gun is UZI. One of the most used weapon in warfare’s and several wars during times. It was used in Suez Crisis, Rhodesian War and also in Kippur war. A light weight machine gun ranging it weight from 3 to 3.5 kg, and having a very high speed of firing with a total of 600 rounds per minute. It is a very compact weapon. The only disadvantage with the gun is its range which is only limited to 200 meters. The gun has its own variety for Caliber, Military and Civilian uses. A general from of machine guns as seen to be in use by local goons and villains.

1.) Heckler & Koch HK416

Another Gun from the factory of Heckler & Koch is HK-416. It also uses 5.56*45 mm NATO cartridge and can fire up to 900 rounds in a minute. It is a kind of gas operated piston with a great combat and firing efficiency. It is one of the most reliable and safe to use weapon.

The data is compiled on the basis of the information gathered from the web and other articles and It can be considered as just a kind of information.



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