Top 10 Most Deadliest Weapons in the World

WEAPON-An instrument used for an offensive or defensive attack is called a weapon. It can be used to attack both physically or mentally. Use of weapon started in ancient times but improvement in technique and harm caused by them increased their use in crumby place.India possesses large number of weapons which  includes nuclear-capable aircraft’s, submarines, missiles etc.One of the biggest production of plutonium weapon in India is at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.

Here are some of the most harmful gadgets created by man in the World:

10) AK-47 Assault Rifle:

one of the most important killing machine is Kalashnikov assault rifle also known as AK-47. A true legendary weapon, known for its extreme ruggedness, simplicity of operation and maintenance have been found to be manufactured in millions in last decade.

It’s Invented by a mechanic to save his motherland Russia from the invading German hordes in world war 2.AK became Russia’s greatest gift to its allies during the cold war years. With great amendments in structure and technology it has become the mostly used weapon in terrorist attack.

9) AC-130 areial gunship:

Two form of this weapon has been developed. One is AC-130H”Spectre” and the other more devastating is AC-130U”Spooky”. They were first used during the Vietnam War and are both flown by U.S. Air Force.

It’s a heavily armed ground attack aircraft. It also hits at sea, firing guns fore, rear and in side.One major disadvantage of this aircraft is that it is slow and low, which makes it vulnerable to air and surface to air missiles. It has a 75mm cannon that can be used to blow off buildings, vehicles etc.


8)Thypoon Submarine:


It’s the world’s biggest submarine called as “typhoon” in NATO or “shark” in Russia. Its 23 meter wide and 170 meter long and it can accommodate 20 ballistic nuclear missiles. But only six of the missiles were built out of which only three are left intact.

The three missiles left are staying out of service, according to the agreement made between USSR and USA to remain peaceful.


7)Bunker Buster Bomb:

Developed by US, is one of the biggest and heaviest(30,000 pound) conventional bomb ever made. Pentagon has spent around 330 million dollars to develope this bomb.It is designed to blast through 200 feet of concrete, although it depends on how hard the concrete is.

It carries an explosive load of 5,300 pounds. Although pentagon insists that its not made for any specific  threat, US military chiefs openly admitted that it was build to attack Iran and North Korea and other rogue states.



6).50-caliber sniper rifle:

Also known as Semi-Automatic Anti-Material Rifle was designed by USA in 2002. The anti-material rifle can disable enemy asset from long distance at a relatively low cost.

The caliber sniper rifle has an attached optics lens that supports all weather, day-night tactical dominance via rapid direct fire engagements. The rifle’s main target is to defeat material targets at high ranges which includes parked aircraft, communication, computer, oil and lubricants, and various lightly armored targets out to 2000 meters.


5)Tsar bomba:

The hydrogen bomb creation of Soviet Union Ivan is 10 times dangerous than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The bomb was tested on October 30, 1961  in the remote area of Novaya Zemlya archipelago generated about 50 megatons of power.

The high power generated a fireball of 8000 meter in diameter, producing shock waves which reached 5.6 on Richter scale. However the bomb never reached Soviet Union’s arsenal as it’s too large and considered dangerous for the aircraft that brought it.


4)Laser guided bombs:

Laser guided uses a laser designator to illuminate the target so that it could be hit by greater accuracy than unguided bombs. They were first developed in United Kingdom and United States in early 60’s and were first used in Vietnam.

Sudarshan is an Indian laser guided bomb developed by DRDO and Aeronautical development establishment(ADE). But it present some limitation making it less suggested than Silver Bullet.


3)Anti personal mines:


One of the most prevalent  conventional landmines are the blast mines. The hidden bombs caused great havoc in civil wars that they are banned by most of the nations. Although US still wants to have the right to use them.“Claymore” is one amongst the best known mines and is developed by US in 1950. “Butterfly” is also one of the wrecking mines who killed afghan children in 1980.

They are of two types- Blast mines and Fragmentation mine. The latter causes more harm as it projects fragments to wider area than the blast mine which is used to blow the victims leg or injure a person.


2)Nuclear ballistic missile Submarine:

It’s a submarine made to launch Ballistic missile called as SLBM’s. In  six years that is from 1960 to 1966 US navy launched 41 boomers. Each Ship Submersible Ballistic Nuclear(SSBN) carried 16 nuclear missiles. It became more efficient when the missiles were replaced by Poseidon missiles in 1972.


1)Napalm Bomb:

Napalm is an explosive material made with Petroleum Jelly. In was used in Vietnam War as Incendiary Bombs. These types of bombs explode and burn but they could be wiped off, so an adhesive was added to make sure that it sticks to the skin and burn so that greater harm could be produced. Magnesium was added so that it does not drowse with water instead burn with it. Lead was added to make napalm bombs poisonous. It can produce a temperature of around 1200 degrees Celsius making it most wrecking amongst all bombs.


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