Top 10 Major Roofing Tools That You Need

Regardless of whether you want to do DIY home improvement project as a roofer or just want to buy roofing tools so as to fix your roof whenever necessary, you need to buy the right roofing tools. Here are the top ten major roofing tools that you should have in your store.

10. Pry Bar:

The pry bar is sometimes referred to as the “Swiss army knife” or simply a “flat bar.” The pry bar can basically be used for doing several things during a roofing project. You can use it in popping loose shingles, cutting pieces of metal, staple and nail pulling. For the best results it’s recommended that you get a back-up spare of a pry bar.

9. Hand Broom:

This is a very important tool because hand brooms are actually needed for doing good clean up during roofing. However, the hand broom is only recommended for the small jobs because there are brooms for bigger jobs like the
scoop shovels or the push brooms.

8. Utility Knife:

You need to have a utility knife for removing old stuff and installing new materials. To be on the safer side in terms of “costs of roofing” you should buy a model of utility knife that allows you to change blades. However, this will actually depend on the kind of roofing you’re dealing with because the retractable knives might not work well in some roofing materials because they tend to get gummed up with the roofing tar. You need to have both the straight blades for cutting the front part of the shingles and hook blades for the back side.

7. Hand Saw:

As a roofer, you must have realized that you’ll have to fix some rotted wood at some point during the reroofing project. Although most roofers have their circular saws on site, a hand saw is a very important tool as well for handling smaller cutting jobs instead of having to deal with an extension cord that costs a lot time. Moreover, it’ll come in handy whenever you experience a power cut during the roofing installation.

6. Measuring Tape:

Of course you need to take various measurements in order to get the right layout when roofing and thus a tape measure is a must have tool. Although any brand of tape measure will do the work just fine. You should consider buying the craftsman brand tape measure.
5. Metal Snips:

Tin snips are more efficient than when using knives for cutting your shingles. However, you ought to choose the right brand because not all brands in the market have strong or long lasting edges. Do some research!

4. Hand Seamer:

Even though this is not a tool that you might need as a roofer on a daily basis, it’s very handy when it comes to doing the flashing work properly. If you want to make tight and smart drip edge laps, then you need this tool.

Major Roofing Tools That You Need

3. Chalk Box:

Most chalk boxes can be quite a nuisance to any roofer, if one doesn’t choose the right tool.
But a product like the “Little Giant” is very good for giving a roofer a solid mark to work on until the end of the project unlike other funny products that keep breaking. You can choose either the red dye or blue chalk depending on the kind of roofing project that you are executing.

2. Trowel:

You definitely ought to have some kind of trowel for spreading your flashing cement. But if you’re a doing a bigger job you should definitely settle for a big brick trowel.

1. Hammer:

A hammer is very essential for nearly every kind of roofing job. In fact, there is no list of roofing tools that doesn’t have a hammer! There are various types of roofing hammers in the market today and obviously you need to buy the right type of hammer for the right job.


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