Top 10 Best Future Weapons

There are plenty of places on Earth where the United States Armed Forces are engaged in fighting. It certainly would have been better had there been better and more efficient weapons that would defeat our enemies in an instant. How about weapons that would make the enemies so afraid they would think twice before messing with us? Well, below is a list of the top ten best weapons that war is going to see in the near future.


This submachine gun has the specialty of the downward direction of recoil, which is something of a revolution in the field of weaponry. There are no second chances on the battlefield and the time a soldier takes in adjusting for the recoil before firing might mean his demise.

9. CheyTac Intervention M-200

This sniper rifle has a built-in computer that takes into account the wind, resistance, and the rotation of the Earth among other things, before the shot is taken. With this much calculation done before firing, there is little chance of missing when the guesswork is taken out.

Top 10 Weapons Cheytac intervention

8. Active Denial System

The ADS generates a beam of 95 GHz, which is pretty high frequency, and heats the water molecules on the skin of the people it is pointed at. It is effective as non-lethal force for the disruption of a mob that has gathered.

7. CBU-97 Sensor Fused

This is like a reverse space shuttle launch. The outer shell falls away and the skeets, which are the size of hockey pucks and stored inside the shell, land with the help of parachutes and use laser technology to search for enemies and spray them with molten copper.

6. CornerShot

The concept is somewhat simple but very hard to implement, until now of course. The barrel of the CornerShot gun can turn up to 60 degrees so that the soldier can take a shot without exposing himself out of a corner. There is a digital camera mounted so the area around the corner can be seen.

5. Metal Storm Stacked Projectiles

With this technology, you can leave a device at say a doorway and when the enemy crosses a path, they would be full of holes at 16,000 rounds every second from multiple barrels which have been stationed a distance away.

4. Boeing YAL-1 Airborne Laser

This aircraft is designed for the shooting down of Tactical Ballistic Missiles. The direction and speed of the missile is first calculated. The data is fed back to the aircraft and a laser beam is fired, causing the missile to crack and explode in midair.

3. Dragon Skin Body Armor

The secret in this specialized body armor’s flexibility and strength is in its scales. The impact of the force is spread over a greater surface area as the carbide discs that are inside are interlocked with each other giving the armor greater strength.

2. SWORDS Weaponized Robot

Think of a soldier as someone who needs no food and no sleep to stay alive and all he does is kill your enemies for you. Well this is what this robot is. It can go underwater up to 100 feet and can travel through almost all types of terrain.

Top 10 Future Weapon Robot

1. 8 Megajoule Electromagnetic Railgun

It probably does not sound like much but this is the navy’s first step in the development of a weapon that can throw a projectile at Mach 8, which is 8 times the speed of sound. Electrical magnetic energy is used for the creation of enough kinetic energy to reach superfast speeds.


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